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20 Uses for Tampons

Updated on October 10, 2014

Compact tool

Why Tampons?

Tampons; Super absorbent, compact, easily slides right into place. Any well versed tampon using female can tell you that this particular invention is a God-send when you rather not feel like you have regressed to the diaper stage of your life again, or feel the uncomfortable feeling of the latter material option chafing, moving, or otherwise sliding out of place and risking an embarrassing bulge in the back of your pants when you've opted to wear those comfy leggings with a nice top.

The reality is that most women are also plagued with the side effect of bloating discomfort during this time, and rather wear comfortable fitting clothing. This, of course, is the original intended usage for tampons, but what else are tampons useful for...?

1) Dressing a Wound

While browsing the web one day I came across this article that told me a story of soldiers receiving care packages while overseas. One soldier received a female's care package by mistake. The package included lotion, chapstick, tampons and a few other items. The soldier grabbed a handful of items one of which being a tampon. This mishap however, possibly saved his life. He suffered a gunshot wound that was deep enough, if not treated and blood stopped then he might have lost his life. Luckily he had a tampon in which he used to stop the bleeding. Thanks to tampons expanding material!
So next time you packing your med kit you might want to add a tampon or two.

2) Make-up Remover

Tampons are just as absorbent as cotton balls if not more so. Just cut up a tampon and use make up remover solution to remove makeup.

3) Cleaning up Spilled milk

No more paper towels? Grab a tampon. The super absorbancy allows for quick and easy cleanup. It soaks up more than your average paper towel.

4) Nail Polish Remover

Anyone who has run out of cotton balls will tell you that toilet paper just won't do when attempting to remove nail polish from your finger nails or toe beds. The toilet paper falls apart and you stain your fingertips with the washed out liquid; not a good look if you are planning a night out on the town.

5) Temporary Toilet Paper fix

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the bathroom whether at home or elsewhere and discovered there was no toilet paper to be found, but a box of tampons were conveniently tucked under the sink....hey...when in Rome..right?

6) Arts and Crafts

You can make a lovely flower bouquet with nothing more than tampons, food coloring, colored construction paper, scissors, and some glue. Seriously. You can't get any more creative than this.

7) Ear plugs

Heading out to an airshow, motorcycle race event, or shooting range? Grab a tampon, cut, insert and go.

8) Drinking straw

This sort of use is meant only for the applicator portion and meant only for in an emergency. If you have straws available then use it instead.

9) Acne treatment pads

Another efficient use for tampons when you run out of cotton balls. Just dip in salicylic acid solution and wipe away. Works great with well known products like Proactive, Neutrogena, Clearasil, and many others.

10) Cat Toy

Just roll in some catnip, sit back and watch all the fun.

11) Sponge painting

Grab a couple tampons, push each one out of the applicator til you have about 1-1 1/2 inches of material sticking out then use as a sponge brushes in different color paints. You can use oil, or acrylic. Water colors will not transfer well and will just soak into tampon.

12) Dental Cotton

Have trouble with bloody gums?..Grab a tampon

13) Fake Dynamite Props

Just melt some red wax, dip in tampon, hang to dry, then have your fun...Who knows what trouble you can get into...Works great around Halloween time.

14) Test Tube Cleaner

For the scientist at heart, now you can properly clean those test tubes. Tampons are great for hard to reach Narrow places.

15) Puffy eyes

You can treat puffy eyes by cutting a tampon in two, soaking in witch hazel solution, and pressing over your eyes. (Preparation H works great as well)

16) Spitball shooter

This is by far one of the most juvenile uses for tampons. You can use the applicator and cotton material for this. Waste not, want not...

17) Leaking Nipples

If you were a breast feeding mom, or have association with one, then you would understand what it means to be out in public only to end up with a soaked top.

Cut a tampon into two, flatten, and insert each one into the bra shelf. This is very effective in stopping excess leakage.

18) Fire Kindling

Not so surprisingly; tampons burn very well. So if you are out camping or trying to get your living quarters nice and toasty during the winter months guessed it...grab a tampon. Light it up and let it burn. Lasts much longer than traditional kindling methods.

19) Computer Screen Cleaner

Using a tampon for this method doesn't leave any excess liquid or streaks behind. Guess what? I just used a tampon...

20) Get out of Jail Free Card

No need to use the "Sorry honey I have a headache" excuse. Just send your hubby to the store guessed it..a box of tampons. The rest pretty much takes care of itself...

Box of Tampons

Do you like Tea?


I hope you enjoyed reading about all these great uses. Of course there are many more uses in which I did not touch bases or elaborate on. You are welcome to surf the web to find other interesting ideas. I hope I piqued your interest. ;-)


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    • HeatherBlesh profile image

      Heather Gomez 3 years ago from Monterey, CA

      Thank you Britt. I was in a humorous mood so I decided to try to write something funny. I'm always open for new ideas. :-)

    • brittpinkie profile image

      Brittany Doherty 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Ha! These are pretty clever! I never would've thought of the nail polish remover...may have to try that one time. My best friend used to get nose bleeds all the time in high school and he'd use tampons to stop the bleeding, lol. Great hub, thanks for sharing! :)