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Twenty-Five Things I'd Rather Do Than Study for Tests

Updated on April 5, 2015

Tired of studying?

I know I am and I could use a break, so I decided i'd make a list of things i'd rather do then study. I'm in eighth grade and i live in Ohio and we have to take the OAAs (Ohio Achievement Assessment) next week so I have been preparing for that. But it's the weekend so I can slack of a little... right? Anyway I threw together this list and I hope you enjoy it!

The list!

1. Hit my head on a brick wall... repeatedly

2. Listen to Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black do a duet

3. Eat several Ghost Chilies

4. Write a thesis on the current state of the economy

5. Let a group of tarantulas crawl over my body

6. Take a bath in ice water

7. Move to Antarctica and live with the penguins

8. Play barbies with my sister 24/7

9. Take the cinnamon challenge

10. Get hit by a pitch from Justin Verlander

11. Dye my hair pink and leave it like that forever

12. Volunteer as tribute at the next Hunger Games

13. Get buried alive ( that one is my greatest fear )

14. Be stuck in 1955 without a flux capacitor

15. Shoot myself in the foot

16. Enter the zombie apocalypse

17. Sleep in a bug infested bed

18. Have the world actually end as it was supposed to in 2012

19. Get whipped by Indiana Jones

20. Write down and analyze everything I have ever done in my life

21. Get stuck in a haunted mansion with Zak Bagans ( this one would be terrible not because i'm in a haunted mansion. But the fact i'll have to listen to him scream at ghosts and overreact to any sound)

22. Read the dictionary cover to cover and write it down as I go

23. Memorize every word of the bible

24. Have my plane crash on an uncharted island in the middle of the ocean

25. Make a list of 25 things i'd rather do then study for a test


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    • Julie K Henderson profile image

      Julie K Henderson 2 years ago

      Fun list! Your hypothetical "non-studying" existence is remarkably exciting. Well done.

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