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27 Playmates From Ohio

Updated on August 8, 2018

What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?

A man who entertains with imagination. A hospitable young host, his guests are always greeted and treated with the best. From the delectable buffet to the well-balanced bar, his frequent soirees are always party perfect. And his inclination for upbeat entertaining is matched by his upscale income. Fact: PLAYBOY is read by one out of every three men 18-34 who earn $15,000 and over. Want your product on his guest list? Let PLAYBOY handle the introduction.

— Simmons (1970, January Issue)

Since 1953, Hugh Hefner has stupefy readers with gorgeous women from around the world. Each with their own unique physical and mental attributes that deem them as breath-taking and beautiful.

And if you are from Ohio, some of these women happen to be literally the "girl next door."

Jean Jani
Jean Jani | Source

1. Jean Jani (Dayton, Ohio)

1957, July Issue

Born on October 31, 1931, Jani was the first Playmate of the Month from Ohio to grace the pages of Playboy.

She has also been featured on the cover of the 1958 January issue, as well as, in the "Playmate Review" article within the 1958 January issue and the "Playmates Revisited" article within the 1964 May issue.

Sally Sarell
Sally Sarell | Source

2. Sally Sarell (Ashtabula, Ohio)

1960, March Issue

Sarell was born on June 25, 1938.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To be a successful dramatic actress and aviatrix. TURN-ON'S: 20-year-old Scotch. TURN-OFF'S: Being called a Beatnik. JOB EXPERIENCE: Lifeguard, swimming instructoress, secretary, and fashion model. HOBBIES: Painting, writing, judo, and knitting. WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Youth and mature subtly. WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: When they're too solicitous. DID YOU KNOW?: I spent time farming in Finland in 1949.

Melinda Windsor
Melinda Windsor | Source

3. Melinda Windsor (Akron, Ohio)

1966, February Issue

Born on June 25, 1944, Windsor has also been featured on the cover of the 1967 January issue, as well as, within the "Playmate Review" article in the 1968 January issue.

Unbeknownst to the readers, her name is a pseudonym. Letters were written to the Playboy editor asking if the data sheet was correct upon finding that no such student was enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To finish school. TURN-ON'S: School. TURN-OFF'S: Those who are not true to themselves. FAVORITE SPORT: Badminton. FAMILY LIFE: My two sisters and I grew up in Ohio and Illinois. Our father is a chemist and our mother is a housewife. GREAT FILMS: Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and My Fair Lady (1964). I'LL SIT STILL FOR: Strawberries. FAVORITE PERFORMERS: Joan Collins and the Beatles.

Cynthia Myers
Cynthia Myers | Source

4. Cynthia Myers (Toledo, Ohio)

1968, December Issue

Born on September 12, 1950, Myers has also been featured on the cover of the 1968 December issue, as well as, the 1970 calendar.

Because her pictures were taken while she was still seventeen, Playboy withheld the release until her eighteen birthday.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: I'd like a career with Playboy. TURN-ON'S: Parties. TURN-OFF'S: Obnoxious people. IN MY SPARE TIME: I train horses and tell fortunes. FAVORITE AUTHORS: Edgar Allen Poe and Alfred Hitchcock. GREAT FILMS: Anything with James Bond in it. I'LL SIT STILL FOR: Lobster and wine. MY FRIENDS KNOW: I'm a voluptuous exhibitionist. MY WEAK SPOT: Sometimes I'm too kind.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in three films and one television series.

Her centerfold has been seen in the hands of American soldiers while stationed in Vietnam, as well as, Hamburger Hill (1987), The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989), and the 1994 Apollo 12 hacking.

Debbie Hooper
Debbie Hooper | Source

5. Debbie Hooper (Cleveland, Ohio)

1969, August Issue

Born on January 24, 1948, Hooper has also been featured within the "Play Review" article in the 1970, January issue.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: I’d like to accomplish something that will benefit humanity. TURN-ON'S: The sun. TURN-OFF'S: Phony people. FAVORITE PERFORMERS: Cream and the Beatles. PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Eugene McCarthy. MY IDEAL MAN: Is about 25, in the field of art, and an intellectual. MY FRIENDS KNOW: That I’m a gregarious person, crazy about people, and very flirtatious. MY WEAK SPOT: Jealousy. It tends to put one in bad situations. I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because I believe the human form is a beautiful thing and I am proud of it.

Chris Koren
Chris Koren | Source

6. Chris Koren (Cleveland, Ohio)

1970, March Issue

Koren was born on August 8, 1947.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: Family and children. TURN-ON'S: Clothes, hairpieces, and health foods. TURN-OFF'S: Insincere people and getting up in the morning. PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Thomas Moore and Helen Keller, because of their integrity and personal courage, their spiritual strength and tenacity. MY IDEAL MAN: Age has no bearing on maturity, the physical and material are unimportant but spiritual character a must. FAMILY LIFE: I grew up with my older brother and younger sister in Cleveland. My father is a machinist and my mother is a housewife. IF I HAD MORE TIME: I’d travel and learn a foreign language. GREAT READS: Franny and Zooey (1961), The Art of Loving (1956), and The Power of Positive Thinking (1952). I'LL SIT STILL FOR: Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1968), Get Smart (1965), The Dean Martin Show (1965), and Mission: Impossible (1966). GREAT FOOD: Chinese and Italian food, yogurt, and peppermint tea. I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because somewhere my mate is waiting; perhaps he’s a Playboy reader (I hope so).

Avis Miller
Avis Miller | Source

7. Avis Miller (Ohio)

1970, November Issue

Miller was born on November 4, 1945.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: I’d love to have a life with no responsibilities so I could travel a lot. TURN-ON'S: Doing something crazy on the spur of the moment. TURN-OFF'S: Waiting in lines and loud noise. CLUB HOPPING: Before I became a Bunny at the Playboy Club in San Francisco, I was a loan officer at a savings and loan in Tempe. AS A KID: My father was a salesman, so we moved around a lot. We lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois and Arizona. My older brother now digs on wells in Wyoming. I'D LOVE TO: Take a world cruise, and stop everywhere. PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Barry Goldwater and Liz Taylor. They live their lives the way they want to. MY PHILOSOPHY: Live and let live. I’m not hung up on politics or new toys.

Including her Playboy career, she has also worked as a Playboy Bunny at the San Francisco Club.

Martha Smith
Martha Smith | Source

8. Martha Smith (Cleveland, Ohio)

1973, July Issue

Smith was born on October 16, 1953.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: Write or edit a script for television or film. TURN-ON'S: Dancing, anything beautiful, dreams, good food, mushrooms, and fresh raspberries. TURN-OFF'S: Skeptics, overused lines, and cigarette smoke. GREAT FILMS: Psycho (1960), Juliet of the Spirits (1965), and Slaughterhouse-Five (1972). GREAT READS: Alice in Wonderland (1865) and The Bell Jar (1963). IDEAL EVENING: Lobster dinner, dancing after dinner, back to his house, and then make love in front of the fireplace. IN MY SPARE TIME: I study French and Swedish, read, dance, pack and unpack. MY WEAK SPOT: My tendency to “put it off until tomorrow.” I wish I could move at a faster pace.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in twelve films and twenty-five television series.

Jeane Manson
Jeane Manson | Source

9. Jeane Manson (Cleveland, Ohio)

1974, August Issue

Manson was born on October 1, 1950, as Jean Ann Manson.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: I want to continue my career as an actress and also sing, since music has filled my whole life. TURN-ON'S: Living, beauty. TURN-OFF'S: Lack of communication between people, dishonesty. AS A KID: My family lived in Mexico City until I was 11, and then again when I was 15 and 16. GREAT FILMS: Gone With the Wind (1939), Peter Pan (1953), and Last Tango in Paris (1975). I'LL STOP TO WATCH: I Love Lucy(1951). PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Clark Gable (he’s sexy), Marlon Brando (he’s a great actor), and Julie Christie (I identify with her). MY IDEAL EVENING: Walking, going for ice cream, talking, laughing, expressing one’s feelings, and doing things that are simple but not ordinary. MY FRIENDS KNOW: I have a strong drive to succeed in the world. I love beauty and look for it. Violence bores me. I constantly strive to learn about myself and my surroundings. MY PLAYMATE FEE: Will pay my bills and allow me to visit my family in Spain.

Including her Playboy career, she moved to France and has become successful singing career including nineteen albums and thirty-two singles, as well as, being featured in fourteen films and six television series.

Kathy Showers
Kathy Showers | Source

10. Kathy Showers (Brookville, Ohio)

1985, May Issue

Born on March 8, 1953, Showers was also the 1986 Playmate of the Year and the oldest woman to be photographed for Playboy.

She has also been featured the cover of the 1985 August issue, as well as, within the "Playmates Revisited" article in the 1996 August issue.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To expand my career as a professional television and commercial actress into major feature films. TURN-ON'S: Perfumed baths, men who make me laugh and love, cuddling, and sleeping or staying awake with the right man. TURN-OFF'S: Profanity, untidiness, arrogance, and men who say all the right things for the wrong reasons. GREAT FILMS: Citizen Kane (1941), Dr. Strangelove (1964), Close Encounters (1977), Doctor Zhivago (1965), Fantasia (1940), and Being There (1979). FAVORITE FOODS: Chinese food, sushi, chocolate souffles, Sara Lee cheesecake, and mesquite-broiled swordfish. FAVORITE PLACE: Paris, France. IDEAL EVENING: Going to bed with a good book or a man who has just read one. BIGGEST JOY: Having children, because it is a constant reminder of the child in me.

Including her Playboy career, Showers has been featured in twenty-seven films and twelve television series.

Jennifer Lyn Jackson
Jennifer Lyn Jackson | Source

11. Jennifer Lyn Jackson (Cleveland, Ohio)

1989, April Issue

Born on March 21, 1969, Jackson was chosen as one of three finalists for the 35th Anniversary Playmate title.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To follow the golden road of success to the top and be happy! TURN-ON'S: Soft skin, lobster, the color purple, hairy chests, and gentle kisses. TURN-OFF'S: Conceited people, male chauvinists, and guys with fat beer bellies who belch in your face, yuk! FAVORITE MUSIC: Van Halen and Pink Floyd. RECURRING NIGHTMARE: Waking up bald! MY STRENGTHS ARE: My sense of humor, my brains, my perseverance, and my closeness to my family and friends. IDEAL MAN: Tall, with thick hair (that I can run my fingers through), smart, sensitive and sexy!

Tina Bockrath
Tina Bockrath | Source

12. Tina Bockrath (Dayton, Ohio)

1990, May Issue

Bockrath was born on June 30, 1967.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To be an actress on a soap opera and to promote Playboy as long as possible. TURN-ON'S: Beautiful Texas sunsets, weekends on 6th street in downtown Austin. TURN-OFF'S: Rush hour traffic, pushy people, my student loan, and people who judge you for what you have instead of who you are. FANTASY VACATION: To visit Egypt, see the pyramids, and participate in archaeological digs. MOST ADMIRED WOMAN: My mom, for raising two children by herself, especially when the going got tough. Runner-up: Cher! PERFECT DATE: Tex-Mex food, dancing at a blues club and catching moonlight on the lake.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in one film and one television series.

Bonnie Marino
Bonnie Marino | Source

13. Bonnie Marino (Cleveland, Ohio)

1990, June Issue

Marino was born on December 20, 1961.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To further contribute to Playboy, advance my medical and modeling career, and become a mother. TURN-ON'S: Silk nightgowns, warm summer months, soft whispers, interesting conversations, trust in relationships, and physical fitness. TURN-OFF'S: Crime, drugs and environmental abuse. FAVORITE TELEVISION STARS: Tracey Ullman, Shelley Long, and Arsenio Hall. FAVORITE AUTHORS: Russell W. Lake, Adelle Davis, and Jules Verne. FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Elvis Presley. I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE: Of freedom of choice, supportive family and friends, plus following my intuition, and occasionally my heart. IDEAL EVENING: Sailing to a remote beach house, off the mainland, then having a fresh seafood dinner, as the golden sun sets, and with the man I love.

Nicole Wood
Nicole Wood | Source

14. Nicole Wood (Canton, Ohio)

1993, April Issue

Wood was born on February 4, 1970.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To be a successful model and actress, to invest my money wisely, and to come home to my husband and four kids. TURN-ON'S: Quiet, rugged men in cowboy boots and jeans, mountains, candlelight dinners, and bubble baths. TURN-OFF'S: Loud obnoxious men, men you can't trust, jealousy, sloppy dressers, and wrinkled shirts. DREAM DATE: We fly to the Grand Canyon, get a pair of horses, sleep under stars, and live like cowboys for a weekend. FAVORITE MOVIE STAR: Bugs Bunny - he's calm, he's cool, and he knows how to get the last laugh. SECRET FANTASIES: Sky dive, fly a fighter jet, go on an African safari (to shoot pictures, not animals), and to play quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and to get Randal Cunningham's salary! PASSIONS: Working out, a new pair of cowboy boots, Garth Brook's music, and a bowl of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream.

Heidi Mark
Heidi Mark | Source

15. Heidi Mark (Columbus, Ohio)

1995, July Issue

Born on February 18, 1971, Mark has also been featured on the cover of the 1994 April issue.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: To work hard, study my craft, and make myself happy. TURN-ON'S: Candlelight, wine, clean cool sheets, and nudity. TURN-OFF'S: Bad breath, tight jeans, and bikini underwear. NEVER LEAVE MY HOME WITHOUT: Candles, my slippers, my pink "Bible" (it keeps me safe), and my phone card (hotels can be so lonely). PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Maya Angelou, Jessica Lange, Sally Field, and my Daddy! WORK ETHIC: Never get too impressed with yourself; everyone's replaceable.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in twelve films and nineteen television series.

Heather Kozar
Heather Kozar | Source

16. Heather Kozar (Akron, Ohio)

1998, January Issue

Born on May 4, 1976, Kozar was also the 1999 Playmate of the Yea and has been featured on the cover of the 1999 June issue,

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Surprises, fun high-energy people, and romantic evenings with my lover. TURN-OFF'S: Waiting in lines, unappreciative people, no sense of humor, and tan lines.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in one television series, as well as, two Jeff Koon paintings.

17. Laura Cover (Bucyrus, Ohio)

1998, November Issue

Cover was born on May 6, 1977.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Confidence, intelligence, a great sense of humor, and the scent of vanilla. TURN-OFF'S: Dirty ears, protruding nostril hair, body odor, prejudice, and disrespect.

Nicole Marie Lenz
Nicole Marie Lenz | Source

18. Nicole Marie Lenz (Cleveland, Ohio)

2000, March Issue

Lenz was born on January 24, 1980.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Italian men with curly hair - if only I could compete with their Ferrari's and Lake Erie sunsets. TURN-OFF'S: Beards, mustaches, garlic breath, and Cleveland drivers.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in five films and one television series.

Crista Nicole
Crista Nicole | Source

19. Crista Nicole (Springfield, Ohio)

2001, May Issue

Nicole was born on July 24, 1978.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Extroverted, energetic, respectful and open-minded people. Turn-Off's: Uneducated, unrealistic, judgmental and shallow people.

Jennifer Walcott
Jennifer Walcott | Source

20. Jennifer Walcott (Youngstown, Ohio)

2001, August Issue

Walcott was born on May 8, 1977.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: a man who has some style and a sense of humor and knows how to live life. TURN-OFF'S: people who are wasteful and not practical. IDEAL MAN: I like a guy who’s in touch with his feminine side so he can come with me to get a manicure or his hair colored or something. It’s nice to do things together - it’s like having a girlfriend and a boyfriend in one package!

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in three films and twelve television series.

Stephanie Heinrich
Stephanie Heinrich | Source

21. Stephanie Heinrich (Cincinnati, Ohio)

2001, October Issue

Born on November 13, 1979, Heinrich was the first Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week and Cyber Girl of the Month.

She has also been featured on the cover of the 2001 October issue.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Men in uniform, honesty, and guys with a sense of humor. TURN-OFF'S: Bad teeth and breath, hangovers, and conceited men.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in four television series.

22. Carmella DeCesare (Avon Lake, Ohio)

2003, April Issue

Born on July 1, 1982, DeCesare was also the Playboy 2002 October Cyber Girl of the Week, as well as, the 2003 February Cyber Girl of the Month and 2004 Playmate of the Year.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Ambition, sense of humor, blond hair, green eyes, muscles, and a handyman with great power tools! TURN-OFF'S: Dishonesty, bad pickup lines, and people who are fake, rude or jealous.

Cara Zavaleta
Cara Zavaleta | Source

23. Cara Zavaleta (Bowling Green, Ohio)

2004, November Issue

Zavaleta was born on June 15, 1980.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Whispering in my ear, nice butts, and intelligence. TURN-OFF'S: Arrogance, sloth, and nail-biting.

Including her Playboy career, she has also been featured in two television series.

24. Sandra Hubby (Norton, Ohio)

2004, March Issue

Born in November 23, 1978, Hubby was a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant contestant.

Included in her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: I hope to be a successful model and actress. TURN-ON'S: A great massage, beautiful eyes, and a great sense of humor. TURN-OFF'S: Lying, cheating, a hairy back, and an ugly butt!

Brittany Binger
Brittany Binger | Source

25. Brittany Binger (Bellevue, Ohio)

2007, June Issue

Binger was born on March 24, 1987.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: Quiet, mysterious guys; confidence; sweet, funny, smart guys; a nice mouth; and talented, successful men. TURN-OFF'S: Lying, poor hygiene, and men who are loud and cocky, lack confidence.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in five television series.

Candice Cassidy
Candice Cassidy | Source

26. Candice Cassidy (Portsmith, Ohio)

2009, June Issue

Born in October 23, 1985, the shoot for Cassidy was the first one in over ten years to have been designed by Hugh Hefner.

Included within her data sheet:

AMBITIONS: Arrogance, negativity, selfishness, obnoxious guys, and tighty whities. TURN-ON'S: A guy who is ambitious, honest and romantic; and who makes me laugh!

Beth Williams
Beth Williams | Source

27. Beth Williams (Athens, Ohio)

2012, August Issue

Williams was born on February 5, 1987.

Included within her data sheet:

TURN-ON'S: A man with a strong work ethic who is confident, funny, and can fix a flat tire. TURN-OFF'S: I can't stand a guy who takes longer than I do to get ready to go out!

Arline Hunter
Arline Hunter | Source

28. Arline Hunter (Caldwell, Ohio?)

1954, August Issue

Hunter was born on December 16, 1931.

Known for her appearance being strikingly similar to Marilyn Monroe, her centerfold would become the first to not to be purchased from the John Baumgarth Co. and produced entirely by Hugh Hefner himself.

Because the earlier Playmates did not have data sheets until 1959, it is uncertain which state her hometown, Caldwell, truly resides in.

Including her Playboy career, she has been featured in twenty films.

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