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28 Rhymes

Updated on October 4, 2017

28 days Later

Scientists Clive and the Wreckless Warren.
The duo's in the Lab attempting.
Attempting to develop an inhibitor.
To control impulses in human behavior.
Warren bribes a police captain.
To hand over a criminal subject.
That they can use as a test.
But after they regret it.
It's uncontrollable success.
They are forced to kill it.
They hide the evidence.
But clive still wants the project.
He's deciding the only feasible means
The success they had he wanted it widely.
He wanted it to be contagious.
So they got in the lab and modified it.
Using a virus to carry it.
But the virus reverses it.
The Rage virus was created.
Clive quits the project.
But contacts a group of terrorists.
He then commits suicide.
Because he gave information that was classified.
A few days later, they contacted Warren.
Contacted him, without him knowing.
He didn't know their names.
They had the information they thought only came.
Only came from Clive, who is not alive.
But they knew what was happening Inside.
Inside the Lab. They knew of the virus.
They tell Warren they have more applications.
But after that, they lose connection.
Warren then hears a strange sound.
He investigates it and finds out.
Their test subjects are out of the cage.
On a mission to affect people with rage.
The next day, the mission begins.
One of the apes infects a kid.
The ape is killed. The kid's taken away.
Taken by ambulance and the family follows.
They witness the virus in as it grows.
Days later, a state of emergency.
Was declared, because the virus was spreading.
Meanwhile the infected family.
Was leading those remaining.
Leading them to a bridge to escape.
They do so, but 2 stayed in place.
After roaming and finding survivors.
The virus got in the hands of the authorities.
The motives that they had was scary.
The survivors did not like their story.
Instead, they just escape.
But intercepted while they tried to get away.
Two stayed behind and held them off.
But those very same two paid the cost.


28 Weeks Later


There are survivors in a barricaded cottage.
They hear a boy trying to get in.
Eventually, they let the boy om.
Then they discover that the boy chased.
The infected came and attacked the place.
They destroyed most in the cottage.
Except for Don, the boy, and Alice.
They escaped and went upstairs.
Finds a room and they hide there.
But they did not stay hidden for long.
The infected finds them and invades.
Don leaves them while they are being attacked.
He runs away and does not look back.
Meanwhile, the infected start dying.
They start dying because they are starving.
Nato forces to take over.
They send in foot soldiers.
Those who left during the outbreak.
Are admitted to someplace safe.
Guarded by the US.Army.
The presence in the place is all military.
Meanwhile, 2 survivors sneak out.
They go to their former home and find out.
That their mom Alice is not dead.
They begin to see that they were misled.
They are found by soldiers.
& taken back with the rest of the survivors.
They take Alice for a test.
They find she's a carrier of the virus.
The virus that causes rage.
So They put Alice in a cage.
Don comes to her aid.
She kisses him and infects him with rage.
The building is now Code Alert.
The Civilians are safe but it doesn't work.
Don breaks in a room & infects a crowd.
The crowd breaks out into the streets.
The soldiers are indiscriminately
Shooting at the infected.
Doing their best but it's not working.
The infected are just too many.
Meanwhile, Tammy and Andy.
Walkthrough an underground tunnel.
Fighting to survive, by escaping the trouble.
They then find out who may have the cure.
The cure for the infected to be pure.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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