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2nd Chapter Of Acts

Updated on April 4, 2013
2nd Chapter Of Acts in 1985 (from left); Nelly Greisen, Annie Herring, and Matthew Ward.
2nd Chapter Of Acts in 1985 (from left); Nelly Greisen, Annie Herring, and Matthew Ward.

Mansion Builder (Live, 1987)

This week I downloaded the entire discography by the Contemporary Christian music group, 2nd Chapter Of Acts. This group of three siblings has set a bit of a precedent as far as my collecting music is concerned. It comes with a unique story and I felt compelled to share it.

I was in my church's youth choir from 1982 to 1988. During this time, as I'm sure most can attest to, I was introduced to Contemporary Christian music. Ever since that period, I've sung really great songs from the genre in church.

With the exception of a Sandi Patti cassette that was given to me as a gift, I didn't start collecting such artists until 1998. This is when I received an offer from Time-Life Music to subscribe to its series Songs 4 Life so I did. My only motivation was to gather music to play at work. I was a receptionist at the time and was given the task of playing "on-hold" music on the main switchboard. I wanted to create a commercial-free radio effect.

From there I discovered such favorites as Avalon, Rich Mullins, and Out Of The Grey. 2nd Chapter Of Acts was also included in the series and while Mansion Builder stood out for me I didn't find myself interested in buying their music back then unlike the forementioned artists. In fact, I made little time for the music I did buy. I'd be into it for a short while and put it away for longer periods.

I think part of the reason has to do with the "Sunday Christian" label. I was singing the music in church but I didn't dare listen to it the rest of the week. Another part might be due to my lack of spirituality at the time. The older I get, however, the more in sync I am with my faith. This brings me to the subject at hand.

Last year I downloaded the complete discography of Donna Summer. When I got up to her 1983 album She Works Hard For The Money I heard the song Love Has A Mind Of Its Own for the first time. I seemed to recall reading it was a single. I looked it up on Wikipedia and it said it was. The song was a duet and I came to learn that the male singer was Matthew Ward of 2nd Chapter Of Acts. This got the wheels turning in my head.

I first tried for 2nd Chapters' 1978 album Mansion Builder. Due to a technical difficulty I was unable to download it. I then tried for their 1992 compilation 20 and successfully saved it. I got halfway through the first disc of it and decided I wanted more. I downloaded 2nd Chapter's complete discography thereafter. I can only kick myself for not pursuing this group's music sooner.

2nd Chapter Of Acts fit into a couple of categories essential to my musical tastes. They came out of the 70's and that's my favorite era of music. They're also a vocal group and I've focussed on that type since 1995. I dare say 2nd Chapter might be my most stunning addition since The Groop, a 60's obscurity whose only album I bought in 2008.

Most notably, 2nd Chapter may very well be the artists to break me of my reluctance to listen to Christian music on a reguar basis. I'm looking forward to finding out.

2nd Chapter Of Acts instantly became my top Contemporary Christian artists in my collection with this download. In the coming weeks I hope to showcase their albums individually. Stay tuned.


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