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3 Best Music Servers For Home

Updated on July 18, 2011

First thing first - what are home music servers? Or, more generically, what are music servers?

Music servers are actually something quite simple, but, for our intents and purposes, I'll explain it as so - a music server is like an external hard drive for music. The best hard drive for music is, in actuality, also one of the best home music servers. It's kind of like a loop in logic (something which impossible) but you get the idea. A home music server will be a device that stores music, and streams music to various devices.

It is, at least I think, like a hub for all your music (no pun intended).

Many people enjoy the idea of playing music on an external hard drive, but what many people don't know is that hard disk music systems, some of them at least, won't work on all kinds of stereo systems. There's a difference between an external hard drive for music storage and an external hard drive that acts as a home music server.

But you know that. That's why you're here.

You want to find out what the best music servers for home are; maybe you want to find cheap music servers; or maybe you just want to buy a hard drive for music.


Olive HD Music Server

One of the best music servers for home, as well as one of the best hard disk music systems, is the Olive HD music server. There are a few reasons that make this music server so great, a few reasons why it's such a good much hard drive player. The greatest reason of all, though? No computer is required.

The Olive HD music server is one of the premier music servers in the marketplace today and is, hands down, one of the 3 best home music hard drive server systems. It's just so easy to digitize your music, something, for some of us, who have thousands of CD's, is a God-Send. Just insert the CD into the music server, push a button, and the music is stored - as well as categorized. It's that easy!

And it gets better. A lot better.

  • Touch screen controls. Create playlists. Burn playlists onto CD's. Easy and convenient.
  • Wireless streaming. Stream music from the olive music server to multiple systems at once.
  • Want free music from your music server. Receive thousands of free radio stations.
  • Sound, well, it's breathtaking.

ZoneBridge BR100 Music Server

If the olive music server, one of the best home music servers, and one of the best ways to play music on an external hard drive, was for the veterans and experts, than the ZoneBridge music player is for beginners and us average folk. For one, well, it's half the price. And, secondly , it still acts as a wonderful music server.


  • Includes both S5 Zone Player and one BR100
  • 5 Speaker powered.
  • Internet connected. You can both stream music or store music on the music hard disk.
  • Controlled by remote or iPhone.
  • Easy to add more stereo and more music players.
  • Plug in the wall, stream music from computer, and play. Awesome.

AirPort Express

Alright so you've seen the two big beasts of music servers; one was a music hard drive that acted as a CD burner and a CD player; the other was a wireless music player and music server that could be played anywhere. And this last one? Well its the cheapest home music server - as well as the most convient.

It's an Apple product so that right there is a plus; furthermore it works with other Apple products, such as an iPod touch, or iPhone. That's a huge bonus, giving you much more flexibiltiy.

How does it work? It's one of the simplest home music servers. All you have to do is plug in the adapter in the wall and it will stream music from your iTunes and into the router. Then you can control the music via the free remote, an iPad, or an iPhone.



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    • jobister profile image

      jobister 6 years ago from Anaheim, California

      Great hub, I would definitely go with the Apple route before even spending over $100 to stream music within the house.

    • vanchen profile image

      vanchen 6 years ago from British Columbia

      The one good thing about the more expensive ones, especially the Olive HD music server, is that you can easily digitize all your CDs. I know you can do that with iTunes, but the ability to do all of it with one device is appealing.


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