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3D Movies by James Cameron including Avatar and Sanctum

Updated on February 1, 2011

KSC's 3D Hubble Telescope Movie


I saw my first and to date only one at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's Imax theatre movie on the Hubble. Mesmerized, to say the least. I tried to touch the stars as they passed my face. Sad too because I had failed to see the 3D Avatar. Avatar was good, very very good in non-3D, but I kept finding myself imagining the magnificent visualizations if sitting at a movie theatre instead.

Own Avatar Video or Hubble Poster Today

Now Executive Producer James Cameron has come out with his newest 3D epic underwater movie, Sanctum. I am almost beyond myself with excitement. I am going to see an "in-real-3D" movie! Yeah!! Be calm, my heart...

Avatar, Titanic, kind of movies. In Sanctum cave divers enter the earth when a storm strikes forcing them ever deeper into the caverns as they fight to escape. Richard Roxburh stars as Frank McGuire, the Master Diver (her was in Mission: Impossible II) in the caves of Australia. This has to be incredibly beautiful scenery in 3D. Cameron used a Fusion 3D Camera System which could survive even tough underwater cave environments. Cameron developed the camera with his engineering partner, Vince Pace, starting with documentaries and evolving to 3D.


Per the LA Times, Australian filmaker, Alister Grierson, watched every twitch of the exacting James Cameron when he presented his finished product/movie in Mr. Cameron's own home movie theatre in Malibu, CA. This was his second movie and "It was like sitting with God at the pearly gates watching your entire life."

James Cameron loves scuba diving - his personal interests impacted his movie making.

Avatar 2 (yeah!) will include scuba diving too in the ocean of Pandora.  Nice.

Sanctum Downloads

The Sanctum official website has downloads available, including wallpapers for my desktop, or yours!

I'm off to look at theatre times.  See you there!


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    • msresearch profile image

      msresearch 7 years ago from The Space Coast of Florida

      I just wrote a new hub on Avatar 2 and Avatar 3! So glad they are going to eventually have these. Maybe Avatar will be the next Star Wars! Check it out and follow me. Donna

    • msresearch profile image

      msresearch 7 years ago from The Space Coast of Florida

      When I was learning about James Cameron a bit, I found the Avatar 2 item. So glad! Think I will go see when it is supposed to release. Thanks for commenting!

    • nixmandy profile image

      nixmandy 7 years ago from Alabama

      Wow! Avatar 2!

      I myself did not get a chance to see Avatar in 3-D. With how awesome it is in 2-D it might have blown my mind.

      After seeing Avatar I might just check out Sanctum in 3-D.