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3 Hilariously Funny Ice Cube Movies To Set Off 2014

Updated on December 7, 2013

What's Ice Cube Up To This Coming Year?

Rapper/Actor Ice Cube is and has been very busy. 2014 will prove that with the release of at least 3 comedies starring the famous entertainer in what is anticipated to be a highly grossing year for the movie industry.

Ride Along|Jan.17, 2014

The new year will kick off with a hilarious comedy (Ride Along) about a potential brother-in-law trying to prove himself to his girlfriend's security guard brother. The fast paced and funny comedy is starring Ice Cube (Security Guard), Kevin Hart (Potential Brother-In-Law) and Tika Sumpter (Girlfriend).

The movie is already highly anticipated and expected to generate millions in the box office as thug & comedian come together to produce a whirlwind of laughs from beginning to end.

See trailer below!



22 Jump Street|Jun.13, 2014

Next up will be a sequel to the hilarious 21 Jump Street which debuted back in March 2012. 22 Jump Street will still have all the original stars including Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and of course Ice Cube (Captain Dickson). This time, the crew will have to go even deeper undercover as they now have graduated from high school and enter into the world of college life.

Official trailer not yet available. Get more info at

And The 3rd And Perhaps Most Highly Anticipated Ice Cube Movie For 2014 Is........................................Wait For It...............

Do You Own Either Of These Hilarious Films?

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Friday 4 (Last Friday)|Unknown Release Date

So there have been much back and forth about if Friday 4 was ever going to come out. After constant talks, interviews and etc. Ice Cube has confirmed the movie release, although not its official date. There is also still much speculation if Smokey (Chris Tucker) will come back for the final role, in a plot that reunites everyone in a high-school reunion of the sorts. Both Ice Cube and Mike Epps have expressed their desire to have Chris Tucker return for the finale, while Chris himself has been beating around the bush on his ultimate decision. Below is a brief, but most latest discussion on the matter with Mike Epps on radio station Power 105.

Would You Go See Any Of These Ice Cube Movies In 2014?

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