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3 Idiots - film will change your life

Updated on July 18, 2010

I am huge fan of Hollywood and Bollywood films and I also like to watch Tamil films too. In hear I am considering several films which I like the most. And I will post more films that I Like in near future. 3 Idiots is my favorite movie and I like that movie very much because of its story. Story of 3 idots is very powerful and the director Raj Kumar Hirani is also done his work very well. Like his other film Munna Bai MBBS and Lage raho Munna Bai he is trying to tell something to audience not just 3 hour entertainment. By watching 3 Idiots what I get is do what you like to do in your life not what others want to like .The massage is very powerful and think that is you are doing what you like to do as your job .

So I suggest watch the film and think that what is your real talent and are you doing that work currently. Personally I know most of peoples are suffer their life by not doing the work what they like by fear to society. Sometime doctors like to become a photographer or Engineer like to be an artist and have real talent in that field but they afraid to take a step what they like by fearing society.  That film will brainwash you and give opportunity to think twice about your life. So if you didn’t watch the film yet, watch the film right now and send me some comments about that film.



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