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3 Reasons Why Princess Nokia will be the G.O.A.T

Updated on June 28, 2017

Destiny Frasqueri, more famously known as Princess Nokia is killing the game at the moment. Yesterday she released a new hit single "G.O.A.T" a slow roasting banger that proved her ability to experiment with deeper vocals. On the track she proclaimed herself to be the best in the game with lines like this:

I've been the GOAT, eaten' off the land

It's me who too the weirdo shit

To another level, and I'm killin' it

Even though Nokia is still going through a maturation process in her career it's not too early to say she will be the face of female rap for years to come. There are three reasons why she will challenge the likes of Young M.A, Kamaiyah and other young female rappers for the title of best female rapper.


Many hip hop fans are used to seeing female artists put on a hard front in their persona or try to be extremely sexualized like Nicki Minaj. However Nokia separates herself from others when it comes to the aura she gives off to fans and the media. Transparent, vulnerable and even quirky are all adjectives one could use to describe the New York native. In her new song she claims to be that, "weird girl that's runnin' shit" and this may be exactly what the rap game needs.

International Appeal

Even though Remy Ma won the B.E.T Best Female Rapper award Nicki Minaj is still considered to be the queen of rap right now. One major reason is not because Nicki is a better rapper than Remy, but the fact her following is international.

In the same respect Nokia has a large international following and it will only get larger with time. This summer alone she will be touring in Switzerland, Sweden, the UK and other major countries in Europe. Also similar to Nicki is Nokia's ability to be musically diverse.

The Music

Obviously behind any strong brand is a substantial product. Frasquieri, without a doubt has music that is fun, creative, but more importantly meaningful. In the visual for the track "Brujas" she honors the powerful and spiritual origins of women of the African Diaspora. The record "Tomboy" championed being yourself and loving your body even if it may not be what mainstream media finds valuable. Nokia rapped in the song " With my little titties and my phat belly" in a way other girls with similar features could be proud to hear.

Overall Princess Nokia is a special and diverse artist who will with time prove to be the brightest star amongst this young crop of female rappers.


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      Xplor 2 months ago from Kansas City


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      Viola Jackson 2 months ago

      Wow, G! Well written!