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What Facebook Pages should I 'Like'?

Updated on March 25, 2016
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Now that Facebook has taken the world by storm, it is utmost necessary that you should which pages you need to ‘Like’

You have a Facebook account, I have a Facebook account. Almost everyone over 10 years have a Facebook account. So you can imagine how rich Mark Zukerberg is.

Anyway, I am not going to go about how rich he is, but about the fact that there are certain pages on Facebook that every person should ‘like’. Yes, if you have an account, be sure you don’t miss out the 5 pages that I have listed below

1. 9Gag

If you are sad and depressed, and you open your fb account only to see your friends having a ball, then obviously you become even more depressed than you already were. So instead, wouldn’t a page which shares jokes beyond hilarity cheer you up? It will. And even if you’re not depressed, it’s always nice to have a good laugh, because after all, laughter is good for health.

2. Humans of New York

I think nowadays a lot of Humans of (other cities/town) have come up, but this page is the first and original prototype. Well, you’re obviously wondering why you should ‘like’ this page if you live in France or Istanbul. I’ll tell you why. New York is a place which has had an influx of migration for over a long period of time. It is one of the best examples of a heterogeneous society, and through these posts, you get to see the immense diversity of the city. You’ll meet Scandinavians, French, Spanish, Indians, Japanese and hardly any of them are tourists. So I really recommend this ‘page’ to everyone.

3. Any fashion Magazine (Elle/Vogue/Grazia)

‘Liking’ any one of these pages will keep you updated on all celebrity news, awesome music and of course, fashion itself.

However, if you have repulsion towards the Kardashian Klan, then you might think about skipping on these pages. This is because lately, all their posts seem to revolve around that family.

4. Aunty Acid:

Aunty Acid dishes out some real, biting truth about everything. They don’t have a particular ‘area’ under which they function, so you generally have wide variety of posts all of different degrees of amusement.

The logo of PawGames
The logo of PawGames

5. PawGames:

And last, not the least, we have PawGames. Such a sweet name, isn’t it? But don’t let the name belie you. It has nothing to do with cats or their paws. In fact, it provides a general number of ‘fluff’ posts which are interesting and funny to read, and can considerably lighten your mood. It is fairly new ‘page’, so you probably haven’t heard of it. Be the first to ‘Like’ it.

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