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3096: the movie

Updated on July 21, 2017

Some facts

  • Director: Sherry Hormann
  • Starring: Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Natascha) and Thure Lindhardt(Wolfang)
  • Genre: Autobiography
  • Country: German
  • Original name: 3096 Tage


3096 is a German film based on the autobiography of Natascha Kampusch, a woman that spent 8 years kidnapped by Wolfgang Přiklopil, a man with several mental issues. Every day was a torment, she didn´t know what to expect from him. This man terrorized her every day during the time he had her as prisoner, and spite the fact that he tried to take all away from her, he couldn´t snatch her strength.

Antonia Campbell
Antonia Campbell | Source

What is it about?

Natascha was a normal 10-year-old chubby girl; her family loved her, although her parents had constant fights, they really cared about her. One day, she fought with her mother and decided to go to school by herself; while she was walking a man carried her and put her in a van, that day, her life changed completely.

Wolfgang wasn´t a very intelligent man; her mother overprotected him but also criticized him. he was very introvert and couldn´t get along with anybody, specially with woman. When he saw Natascha for the first time he saw something different in that chubby little girl and he decided to kidnap her. For months he planned how to get her; he also built a small room in his house to keep her away from the world. Finally, when he saw her alone in the street he took the chance and snatch her.

Natascha found herself in a very small room, the man who took her told her that she will stay there for a while. Every day that passed she asked him about her family, but he answered that her parents were not going to pay for her rescue because they didn´t love her and that she will have to stay with him forever. Each day she had to deal with his mood changes. Sometimes he was good with her and sometimes he was cruel. When he was mad, he insulted her or hit her. Day after day, he made her get rid of her identity.

Meanwhile, her parents intensely searched for Natacha, her photo came out on television and in newspapers, but nobody knew where she was, it seemed liked she disappeared from Earth.

Sometimes, Natacha thought about her family and the beautiful moments that she spent with them so she could be able to resist her confinement; especially when he left her starving for days and conditioned her psychologically by repeating her constantly that she must obey. The kidnapper decided what clothes should she wear, these normally were his old t-shirts and underwear. About food, he gave her almost nothing, some days he didn´t give her anything at all. When she began to menstruate he was angry with her and a bit disgusted, but time to time, she let her go out of the room where she was locked and enter to the rest of his house to take a bath. However, when she went out, he threatened her saying that if tried to escape the house would explode. She had no privacy at all, she wasn´t able to bathe alone, occasionally. Natascha gave signs of rebellion against this, but these were increasingly scarce.

Movie trailer

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do, but i must warn that this movie, such as the book, may not be appropiate for people underage or those who can't stand violence. Due of the Nature of the movie, an autobiography about abduction, it contains some strong scenes. In spite of this, the film contains a valuable message: keep strong, keep faith.

4 stars for Plot


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