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31 Days of Horror

Updated on October 2, 2013

Number 2- Alien

Released in 1979, Alien combines not only that extra-terrestrial demon, but the fears of deep space also. Trapped in a spaceship with no where to go, the viewer is taken on a rollercoaster of twists and turns as the crew is attempting to return home, after receiving a distress call from an alien planet, only to find that a dangerous alien is attempting to return home with them.

Number 1- Predator

Predator is one of the gems from the “extra-terrestrial” stream of horror movies that had ruled the movie theatres from the 70’s and the 80’s. Released in 1987 this movie is an action packed version of horror as we follow the commando’s through the dense jungles as they combat an extra-terrestrial predator (no pun intended) that cannot be seen.

Number 3- Ghost Ship

A personal favorite, released in 2002, this movie scared the daylights out of me. A salvage crew looking for a golden haul discovers a ship floating in the ocean that had been missing since 1962. Once boarding the ship, to attempt to haul it back for all the gold it was worth, strange things begin to happen on board including ghostly visits from the passengers who had lost their lives on the cruise. It’s a question until the end whether or not the salvage crew will join the ghostly crew left over from 1962.

Contains Mature Content!!!!!!!

Number 5- Friday the 13th

Released in 1980, this plays along with the slasher flicks. Jason Voorhees chooses to stalk his victims at summer camp, seeking revenge for all the pain his fellow summer campers had put him through years ago. The camp counselers are his main target as this movies makes us afraid to go to summer camp, let alone sleep in the dark, and targets any bully or any person who has allowed their own self want to come before the needs of those they’re supposed to be watching.

Number 4- Halloween

Released in 1978, Halloween is the other great release in the slasher film era. With another different view, Michael Myers is the psychotic murderer who has been institutionalized since childhood, for the murder of his own sister, until he breaks free and decides to stalk someone who reminds him of the past. Halloween is very much the slasher flick that really brings ‘true life’ into the silver screen and (I think) tends to be the most realistic.

Number 6- A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released in 1984, this is a great movie from the overload of slasher flicks that unloaded into the theatres and scared every child in the nation. This one had a different point of view though. Although Freddy Krueger has the very real ability to kill his victims, he chooses to stalk them in their dreams, along with haunting their real life. Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.

Number 8- The Exorcist

Released in 1973, The Exorcist brings us into the eyes of the church, and the fear of demons and the devil. As a teenage girl becomes possessed by the devil, her only hope is an exorcism from her demonic innards. It all ends in a showdown between faith, and those who destroy faith, for this young girls life.

Number 7- Candyman

Released in 1992, Candyman spawned urban legend after urban legend as he wandered the streets as a murderous soul with a hook for his hand. The whole movie is in fact based on an urban legend, as a skeptic grab student summons him for her thesis. It makes you think twice about those childhood games we all used to play looking in the mirror, turning the lights off, and saying someone’s name repeatedly.

Number 9- Puppetmaster

Released in 1989, this movie goes to the dolls. A puppetmaster had found an ancient Egyptian formula to grant life, and decides to give it to his puppets, dying shortly thereafter. A group of psychic friends travel to the hotel in which the Puppetmaster, and their close friend, had died, and not only discover the secrets of the Puppetmaster, but also awaken his puppets into a murderous frenzy.

Number 10- The Shining

Released in 1980, the movie is the quintessential story of what happens when you stay locked up with no way out. A man and his family agree to become the caretakers of a hotel as it’s closed through the winter months. It is until after they arrive, and they’re snowed in, that they begin to discover the fatal end of every caretaker and their family in winters before. Each corridor of the hotel has a bloody story behind it.

Number 11- Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This 1974 classic truly gave birth to the scream queens of the era. It also persuaded the viewer to stay home and never go on a road trip through the backcountry roads again. This group of friends got more than they ever bargained for when they encounter a group of cannibalistic grave-robbers and a chainsaw wielding psychopath.


Number 13- Dawn of the Dead

Released in 1978, a truly pioneering zombie movie, follows a group of people stuck in the middle of an epidemic. The eclectic group of people has banded together in the middle of this zombie outbreak, and barricade themselves inside a shopping mall hoping for safety.

Number 12- Resident Evil

Released in 2002, this gave a new light into the zombie movies that have become so popular. We follow a special military unit who has been hired to go deep underground to combat a supercomputer who has gone out of control, and a group of scientists who have turned into flesh crazed zombies who just want a bite of fresh meat.

Number 15- The Faculty

Released in 1998, this movie is an interesting brand of horror movie that stands on its own. Combining and interesting amount of high school horror (where we see every standard jock, pretty girl, slut, etc. etc.) with an extra-terrestrial stand point, the movie tends to create its own genre with its own twists and turns to startle anyone.

Number 14- Scream

Released in 1996, this movie created a few standards for the new age of movies. The Ghostface killer really promoted the fact that the killer’s identity is unknown and begins killing off the teenagers one by one. This movie takes an interesting look about “the rules” of horror movies though and takes an interesting twist with incorporating them all.

Number 16- From Dusk til Dawn

Released in 1996, this movie is the most misleading movie with one of the best twists ever created (by my opinion). Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly settle down and temporarily seek refuge in an establishment crawling with the most surprising guests anyone would think of.


Number 18- Frankenstein

Once again, many versions of this movie exist; I’m recommending the one released in 1994. There is a beautiful story of the monster and his master, and this version tends to portray it the best. It is still a classic horror movie that will truly let a monster live forever.

Number 17- Dracula

Although many versions of this story, and movie, exist, I recommend the one released in 1992. I think it portrays the story the best as the viewer travels along with the young married couple as Dracula comes to seduce his fiancé, wreaking havoc in a foreign land to get his way.

Number 19- Child's Play

Released in 1988, this movie taught ever child to never trust their toys again. A ‘Good Guy’ doll becomes possessed by the soul of a serial killer who is determined to transfer his soul again to get out of this doll. Despite his size, Chucky isn’t stopped by anything when it comes to killing whoever it takes to get what he wants.

Number 20- Silent Hill

Released in 2006, this movie is the most interesting when it comes to a movie that’s based on a video game. Its exquisite visual effects will stun you and terrify you from turning off the light. All based on a terrifying journey a mother takes through a desolate town called Silent Hill, all in order to find her missing daughter.


Number 21- 28 Days Later

Released in 2002, this movie takes an interesting twist to ‘the last man on earth’ standpoint as a man wakes up weeks after zombies have taken over, and destroyed the earth, as we know it. Man frantically searches for an answer to his question, and for any other survivor that might still be out there.

Number 23- The Silence of the Lambs

Released in 1991, this movie follows a young FBI agent who must contact one of the most notorious serial killers ever known, to try and catch another serial killer that’s on the loose currently. It’s all work and no play until an unhealthy obsession creates a game of cat and mouse between the two of them.

Number 22- American Pyscho

Released in 2000, this movie truly takes us into the mind of a serial killer, and shows the terrifying fact that you will never truly know anyone, and the most normal and down-to-earth people, can have a murderous streak inside of them.

Number 25- Suspiria

Released in 1977, this beauty of a movie follows a newcomer to a fancy ballet academy. This newcomer, as she spends time there, gradually begins to notice that the staff of the school around her is actually a coven of witches’ hell bent on chaos and destruction of all that surrounds them.

Number 24- Sleepy Hollow

Released in 1999, this movie truly brings an urban legend to life as we follow someone who is sent to Sleepy Hollow to uncover what has been happening to the people that are being beheaded. The only problem? The culprit that is murdering these people happens to be headless himself.

Number 26- Deliverance

Released in 1972, this movie is famous for a banjo scene with a bunch of backcountry hill men, but what draws me to this movie is the seriousness of being caught in the wilderness alone without defense. A group of friends heads out for one last adventure with each other, only to find themselves fighting for their lives. As they’re in unknown territory, the people stalking them have the upper hand in this camping trip gone wrong.

Number 27- IT

Released in 1990 as a made for TV movie, IT brings us along the journey of seven friends, known as ‘The Loser Club’ who find themselves fighting a demon who poses as a child killing clown. They think their fear has disappeared with the time as they grow up but it isn’t until 30 years later that they’re called back to fight the same demon whose already lost someone they love, and isn’t willing to lose another…or lose their selves.

Number 28- Carrie

Released in 1976, Carrie is the quintessential story of an underdog coming back to seek revenge for all that’s occurred. A young girl who spends her days being picked on and tormented is excited for her life to change as someone actually asks her to be their date for prom. It isn’t until the end of the night that she realizes it was a cruel joke, and no one is going to leave that prom alive.

Number 30- Fright Night

Released in 1985, this is a movie about not knowing who your neighbors truly are. When a teenager finds evidence to prove that his new neighbor is truly a vampire, no one will believe him until it’s all too late. It’s not for a lack of trying though, as he goes to everyone he can think of to try and enlist his or her help against the vampire.

Number 29- Saw

Released in 2004, the Saw franchise attempted to bring back the days of the slasher flicks in order to create a numerous movie franchise with cult followings. The first Saw, however, is one of a kind. As two people awake with a dead body lying between them, they find that they’re trapped in the lair of the mysterious killer ‘Jigsaw’ and must follow his rules in order to stay alive and win the deadly game.

Number 31- The Amityville Horror

Released in 1975, this movie is based on a true story, and true events, and true murders. After a series of brutal murders and a whole family is found killed by the only family member left alive, an unknowing family moves into their dream house, an opportunity of a lifetime, only to find out that what possessed the man to kill the family before, may still be residing in the house with a true blood lust.




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    • jrnevermore profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you so much! There's so many movies I missed though, hence why there's a part 2 coming out!

    • Thief12 profile image


      5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Another great list!

    • AvineshP profile image

      Avinesh Prahladi 

      5 years ago from Chandigarh

      I was not aware of these movies, but I will make sure that I watch 'IT', 'Deliverance' also seems a thriller. I really like such hubs as you get to know more about the movies which are worth watching.

      Cheers !!

    • jrnevermore profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I can't believe you've never seen IT, AvineshP. It's a personal favorite of mine. As for Deliverance, I didn't quite find it terrifying but it is one of those movies that makes you fear a normal activity so it's a rare movie. Glad you liked the post! Plan on doing a part 2 because there's so many I feel like I missed. Keep an eye out for it!

    • AvineshP profile image

      Avinesh Prahladi 

      5 years ago from Chandigarh

      Hey jrnevermore, I am a huge fan or horror movies and I am really thankful that you have made me aware of the movies which I haven't seen like 'Deliverance' and 'IT'. Now, that I am aware of these movies, I will surely watch them whenever I get time.

      Thanks for this hub, keep posting such hubs in the future as well.


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