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31 Days of Horror: Part 2

Updated on October 5, 2013

Number 2- Castle Freak

Released in 1995, this movie has an odd premise about a couple with marital troubles that up and move themselves and their blind daughter to Italy into an inherited 12th century castle. Soon they are disturbed by unexplainable happenings around the castle yet they choose not to believe their daughters’ talk of an unknown visitor.

Number 1- Reanimator

Released in 1985 this movie revolves around a medical college, which encases a dedicated student and his girlfriend who become involved in a bizarre experiment centering on bringing dead tissue back to life.

Number 3- Psycho

Released in 1960 this movie set a beautiful standard for horror movies to come. The black and white movie is a horrifying story of a young woman who checks into a motel only to be stalked by the young man running it, under the domination of his overbearing mother. This movie is what nightmares are made of.

Number 4- Jaws

Released in 1975 this movie was created to scare people out of the water. What makes this so terrifying is the fact that this goliath monster truly lies in the depth in the ocean. It’s an edge of your seat horror about a man-hunting shark and the group of men hunting him.

Number 5- Hellraiser

Released in 1987 this sado-masochistic movie about the horrors of hell being brought to real life and the torture that comes along with it. When an unfaithful wife runs into her dead lover suddenly brought to life, the demons that he escaped from come back with him.

Number 6- People Under the Stairs

Released in 1991 this movie has a certain childhood love with a kind of ‘monster under your bed’ motif…however they’re under the stairs. This movie is full of imagination of as a group of burglars discover a long lost secret a brother and sister have tried to keep silent.

Number 8- Leprechaun

Released in 1993, this is a horrifying take on a classically humorous, and harmless, legend. This leprechaun is on the search for his beloved pot of gold, and is determined to kill anyone who decides to get in his way.

Number 7- Pumpkinhead

Released in 1988 this is a great revenge tail about a man looking for vengeance. He seeks out a group of teenagers who accidentally killed his son and conjures up a demon, Pumpkinhead, to do so.


Number 9- Wrong Turn

Released in 2003, this movie is a rare gem in an overused plot device filled with cannibalistic mountain men. It has an entertaining plot, and a well-written story, behind six people who find themselves trapped in the woods surrounded by these disfigured, inbred, mountain men.

Number 10- High Tension

Released in 2003, this foreign film is an interesting take on home invasion, and a fairly risqué one at that. Two college friends head home for a country home getaway when a mysterious killer invades their getaway and soaks it with blood and trouble.

Number 11- Audition

Released in 1999, this foreign film (totally worth the subtitles), takes a real life situation and turns it into a horrifying nightmare. When a widower decides to take up his friends offer to find him a new woman, the auditions for a ‘movie’ take a terrifying turn when his new leading lady turns out to have a plot twist of her own.

Number 12- Dead Silence

Released in 2007 this movie truly brings a fear to life. When most people are scared of a ventriloquist dummy sitting in front of them, a man in search of his wife’s murderer finds out that these dummies may be more real than ever thought, and linked to a deadly ghost, “beware the stare of Mary Shaw”.

Number 14- The Fourth Kind

Released in 2009 this movie revolves around an unsolved mystery in Alaska where one town has an unexplainable number of disappearances during the past 40 years, is there a federal cover up?

Number 13- Trick r Treat

Released in 2007 this interesting Halloween movie has a few interwoven stories that all occur on Halloween. A high school principal with a secret life, a virgin that may have just met the man of her dreams, a teenagers who pull a prank gone wrong, and a woman who detests her husbands holiday obsession.

Number 15- Final Destination

Released in 2005 this movie is the quintessential what-if of cheating death. What happens when you don’t die when you’re supposed to? This movie shows you how death will hunt you down, and kill you, regardless of the false safety you live in thinking you’ve cheated death.

Number 16- Evil Dead

Released in 1981 this original ‘cabin in the woods’ movie involves a group of friends being stuck in the dark. What they don’t realize is how unsafe they are miles from another living soul, when they’re being stalked by flesh possessing demons that they have released.


Number 19- Blade

Released in 1998 this movie revolves around a half-breed, half vampire half mortal, who turns against himself to protect the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires surrounding him.

Number 18- Night of the Living Dead

Released in 1968, this original zombie classic showcases a group of people who are attempting to save their own flesh from a group of living dead who are out to devour them.

Number 20- The Descent

Released in 2005 this story of a caving expedition goes completely wrong. In an already dangerous situation, these explorers become turned around and trapped in the cave; only to find out a unique breed of predators is hunting them.

Number 21- Hatchet

Released in 2006 this underground type of movie follows a bunch of drunken tourists who get stranded in a haunted swamp. Their evening of fun and spooks turn into a horrific nightmare when they realize that the haunting ghost is quite real, quite dangerous, and perfectly indestructible and out for revenge.

Number 23- In the Mouth of Madness

Released in 1994 this movie is a dream come true for some watchers when an insurance investigator begins to discover that a horror writer’s book has more of an impact on his fans than one would want, or ever expect to happen. The words seem to eat you alive, and he falls victim to it himself.

Number 22- Poltergeist

Released in 1982 this classic haunting movie really set a standard for movies to come. When an unknowing family begins to notice strange happenings, they soon realize that their home is being ruthlessly haunted by a host of ghosts.

Number 24- The Ninth Gate

Released in 1999 this amazing movie follows a rare book dealer who is hired to seek out the last two copies ever produced of a demon text when he is drawn into a conspiracy with highly supernatural (and religious) overtones.

Number 26- Riding the Bullet

Released in 2004 a man who finds out about his dying mother tries to hitchhike to the hospital when a stranger who holds a deadly secret about his unknowing passenger picks him up.

Number 25- Thir13en Ghosts

Released in 2001 this imaginative movie starts the story when a rich collector of unique things dies and leaves all his belongings to his nephew and his family. This collection includes a rare, brutal, malicious group of rare ghosts that are out for the kill.

Number 28- The Thing

Released in 1982 the icy plains of the Antarctic are home for a group of scientists who discover an ancient shape-shifting alien that takes the appearance of the people that it has already murdered.

Number 27- Pet Semetary

Released in 1989 this movie with a heart wrenching beginning turns evil when a family discovers a local secret about the power of life after death. When tragedy strikes, the power they’ve gotten a hold of, turns against them and becomes a force they can’t reckon with.

Number 29- Shutter Island

Released in 2010 this movie is an amazing mindf*ck that takes place in 1954 when a US Marshal is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. The escapee is presumed to be hiding nearby but the secret is a true twist. (DISCLAIMER: I truly love the book SO MUCH BETTER than this movie…if you’re a book person, read this book…)

Number 30- House on Haunted Hill

Released in 1959, this black and white classic offers the story of a millionaire who offers ten thousand dollars to five people who agree to be locked in a creepy house with he and his wife. Who will last through the night?


Number 31- Session 9

Released in 2001, the tensions begin to rise when a cleaning crew starts work in an abandoned mental hospital. The hospital has a horrific past that seems to be coming back to life in front of their eyes, and in their mind. This movie begs of the question of fantasy versus reality.


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    • jrnevermore profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I agree. The premise is what caught me, the delivery isn't that amazing, but it has stuck with me all these years. The ghosts are what make it unique.

    • Thief12 profile image


      5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I thought the premise was good. As a matter of fact, I remember the DVD I rented had a special feature focusing on each ghost, and I actually thought that was more interesting than the film.

    • jrnevermore profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      13 ghosts is a guilty pleasure for me

      I Just love the premise of each ghost...and I did think it could have been done a lot better but we can't all have what we want!

    • Thief12 profile image


      5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Great list. There are some that I haven't seen, but most are great ones. The only one that sticks like a sore thumb for me is Thirteen Ghosts. I thought that film was downright awful. But hey, different tastes. Voted Up!


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