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380 Days of Halloween: Jigsaw (2017) - Day 9

Updated on November 3, 2017
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Jigsaw (2017) - John Kramer (the original Jigsaw serial killer) is back from the dead. The Jigsaw games are back upon us, and things just got personal.
Jigsaw (2017) - John Kramer (the original Jigsaw serial killer) is back from the dead. The Jigsaw games are back upon us, and things just got personal.

NO SPOILERS For Jigsaw (2017)

Jigsaw is the horror movie no one was expecting, and we are all the better off for it. The “Jigsaw” movie is one with a truly insane twist, and if this was a novel then it would be quite the page turner. It’s not, thankfully, as the movie version (of what could have been a great book) is the spin-off starter for what audiences will be imagining to turn out as the beginning for the second Saw trilogy.

In truth, the six instalments for the original “Saw” series were quite engaging for audiences to follow the story, whilst still feeling the cold twinge in the stomach as victims are brutally dismantled in a series that would define the horror-torture sub-genre for movies.

Originally, the first movie “Saw” was directed by James Wan (the director of Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2, The Conjuring), the rising horror genre director in the Hollywood scene. James Wan was trying out something new for the horror genre that had not been touched on before, and he took the horror-torture themes to their max in Saw, and it paid off - kicking off the commercially successful Saw franchise.


Who is Jigsaw?… What is the meaning for the title of the Saw spin-off, Jigsaw? There was not a lot to go on for the Saw spin-off that released in late October for its theatrical debut launching in the UK cinemas. Answering the questions, Jigsaw is the nickname for the serial killer of the Saw cinematic movie series, and the Jigsaw movie has put a twist on the Jigsaw serial killer setting its events a decade after the Jigsaw killer, Jonathan “John” Kramer.

More about Jonathan Kramer: Now, before becoming Jigsaw Jonathan Kramer was an ordinary toy factory worker, and after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer he tried to commit suicide twice, but survived. This was when John got the idea to test the human will to survive, and he organised a series of gruesome, death-trap devices that would be worn by his tested victims that represented life to these people, and they would have to play by the rules in order to survive, and the pressure is on. One survived his initial death-trap devices, a young woman, Amanda Young, who was a drug addict who cared little for her own life. Amanda was put the test in being forced to wear a helmet-head device that would crush her skull if she didn’t sacrifice enough blood and flesh to gain access to the key that would unlock the device, but the timer is counting down. After survivor, Amanda Young realised through Jigsaw the true meaning of life, and she went into the business working with John, and she would help to capture his next victims.

Now the movie, Jigsaw

Jigsaw Review:

Jigsaw is set ten years after the final events of Saw 6, and also represents a decade since the serial killer Jigsaw (John Kramer) died. Only, the original Saw killings are still happening, and it is the twist that will pull you out of the water for the skeptics. It is a genuinely good, well-thought-out twist on the original Saw series.

In Jigsaw, the games are continuing, and they are at their most gruesome. There are five victims in this new human survival game (set-to-appear-like-the-Jigsaw-murder-by-death-device-challenges), and they have all sinned in life some way or another. It is for these detrimental reasons that they have been picked by the Jigsaw (you’ll be thinking Jigsaw copycat) serial killer for the death-device-game.

As usual there is the detective that is working overtime to find where the serial killings are taking place, as throughout the movie the five victims of the latest Jigsaw game start to pop up all over the place, and the lead detective Halloran is a wild-card in the police department. He is eager to prove that this is merely a copycat Jigsaw case, and not the mysterious return of John Kramer (the original Jigsaw the serial killer) coming back to life from the grave.

Throughout the movie there is the events taking place within the current Jigsaw game, the detectives working out the clues to as to where the Jigsaw game is taking place, and the case work being done by the medical team. Together, the detectives and the medical team working on the bodies found they are hoping that they can work out Jigsaws clues left behind on the bodies to find the whereabouts of the game. This should sound familiar, as this is almost identical to the way that the Saw series was filmed, but things are stranger as the twists have changed almost on before-the-events-of-Saw basis.

The gore is not overdone in Jigsaw, so those who are squeamish will not feel put-off at any stage during the movie, as hiding behind the pillow typically leads to missing key plot turning points. The cinematography in Jigsaw is one of my key concerns, but this may not be something that many overly think about, but will definitely put a sense of lower-budgeting costing in your mind whilst watching the movie. The again, the human-survival tests seemed the norm, so perhaps most will only be focusing on the quality of these elements to the special effects and handy works of the movie makers, and not the overall scopes. Still, an interesting twist on the lengthy Saw series.

The events that took place during Saw may put some people on the ledge over whether or not to see the Jigsaw movies, as it you haven’t some of the Saw movies - or any of them, then this will not be a problem as everything in this movie is very much standalone from the Saw series overall. This should be somewhat pleasing for those who have not seen/or cared for the Saw series, but may leave the die-hard Saw fans a little disappointing. Why disappointed? The premise for the Jigsaw movie is a twisty scene-turner, but there are not a whole bunch of fun easter eggs in the Jigsaw movie that relates back to the Saw series, and this in itself is somewhat disappointing.

Don’t over-anticipate, don’t overthink the movies premise, don’t compare the works of Jigsaw to James Wan’s Saw movie, and most definitely do not go into watching the movie with over-expectations, and the movie should be a lot of fun.

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