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380 Days of Halloween Movies: Day 6 - Rings (2017)

Updated on October 21, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

"Rings" - 60 seconds in - "when"? - 10 minutes in - "when?" - 30 minutes in - "when"? - 60 minutes in - great, now I'm fizzled - when in the hell is the movie gonna get scary? (Newsflash: It doesn't)
"Rings" - 60 seconds in - "when"? - 10 minutes in - "when?" - 30 minutes in - "when"? - 60 minutes in - great, now I'm fizzled - when in the hell is the movie gonna get scary? (Newsflash: It doesn't)

Rings tagline: “First you watch it. Then you die.” - really, the tagline is way worse than the original, The Ring (2002) tagline: “Before you die, you see”. - I feel that the reverse psychology might have worked better, in making people feel somewhat safe in that they will get to see something before they die. Not a lot of comfort, given what you will see, but definitely a catchy strap-line for a horror movie the people know little to nothing about.

The “Rings” tagline is too basic, and the dedicated fanbase from the original “The Ring” audience will already know this obvious piece of information from the first two Ring movies that they binged watching through numerous Halloween evenings since their release back in the early-mid 2000s. Something that might have been an improvement, would have been something along the lines of:

  • "First it goes viral. Then you die”. - This might have been a good way for the studio to clarify that this was a spin-off/reboot for the Ring franchise that would be involving the digital age.
  • “Before you die, you see rings” - Or they could have put a twist on the original strap-line for The Ring that involves more of a mystery than the original; as was poorly attempted in the movie spin-off.

OK, I feel I have made a horrific endeavour in replacing the terrible strap-line for “Rings”, but I would be interested in seeing what horror appropriate strap-lines that you can come up with for “Rings”.

Rings: This is the spin-off/reboot for the Ring franchise, and it starts by following a professor at a university that tasks a class of his students to watch a cursed tape video, and they made copies, and of course the digital back-up. And, every student that watches the movie receives a phone call telling that they have 7 days before they die. It is then up to the student to get another person to watch the cursed tape, and the curse passes onto them.

Honestly, writing about this movie is painful. Hence, the reason why I have continued the rest of this post with; “everything wrong with Rings”.

Everything wrong with Rings: To start, Johnny Galecki is a sort of terrible professor, as after watching the cursed tape (Samara edition) Galecki receives the usual phone call, saying; “your going to die in 7 days”. To which, the professor’s first response is to get a class of college undergrads to all watch the tape and assess their findings by doing research. These students were hand-selected, and when the week is up for one young damsel in distress, she turns to the lead girl (another college student) in the movie to get her to watch the tape, but silly thinking perseveres and the damsel takes her back to her apartment to watch the cursed tape. As, in getting another person to watch the cursed tape the original person (that saw the tape) is sparred by Samara and the curse passes onto the other person (until they find someone to watch) who must play the game or die after 7 days are up. Johnny Galecki, playing the professor, plays the role as though he is an ignorant/arrogant EMO teacher, and this really pauses for so many questions to be asked to the writers for what they were aiming for. To make matters worse, Galecki’s character is given far too fewer lines in the movie, and when his death transpires there are so many unanswered questions. Plus, they just killed their only talented actor/actress in the movie, and it was like a practical joke in which they filmed the scene for his death.

The teens are the leads in this movie, and wow do that lack chemistry. You know, that formula that creates a sense of friendship/perhaps more, and this really leads to a ton more pausing for necessary questions to be asked. I don’t know; if there is a film class about how positive budgeted movies can be screwed up, this movie may have a purpose, but for theatrical viewing (would be a joke, given its terrible [everything] progression), or home entertainment this is a plain and simple bad movie (2/5 stars). Seeing the movie once, some might stretch to a 3/5 star rating, but if you had to pay money to see this movie (in hopes of multiple viewings) then it has to be fairer (for those thinking similarly), with a solid 2/5 stars rating.

The horror: Finally, the horror, as the movie offers nothing else worth while to get your full undivided attention into. Samara, she is in the movie, and some might argue to damned much of her. There is an actual point when Samara leaps out of a smartphone screen (some are thinking iPhone, I couldn’t be sure - If I was to give a direct answer, this very moment), and takes her victim, but the trouble is that the audience is seeing everything that is happening, and the horror scene is sort of timid. Sometimes, horror directors should think a little more - when deciding on how to portray the horror villain on the camera, as Samara was getting less and less scary the more that we could see of her on camera. The illusion of terror was the beauty of "The Ring", released back in 2002, and now in 2017 in “Rings" we have the boredom of full disclosure, and the only time this should have happened was with Gore Verbinski (director of The Ring). And, oh, thinking of the large flat screen as it fell to the floor in the theatrical trailer for “Rings” as the well pops up on the screen, this was perhaps one of the worst horror scenes that has ever helped ruin a beloved horror series. "But, Samara comes out of the flat screen TV whilst it is flat on the floor”. - Whatever man, that scene was the worst, and where was the blood adrenaline rush of fear, anticipation, and pure terror in the eyes of the witnessing.

“Rings” summary: You’ll never want to Google search Rings ever again, in fears of the cursed “Rings” movie. OK, that may have genuinely made the movie sound scary, but sorry folks the anti-search fear is in having to remember that you ever saw a tragic movie series killer.

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