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380 Days of Halloween Movies: Day 5 - The Babysitter (2017)

Updated on October 18, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

The Babysitter (2017) - Are you the teen psychopath babysat killer, or are you the wuss -running away with your life in one hand, and your bedroom nightlight in the other? Well, whichever - whatever. This is a fun movie for the kids this Halloween
The Babysitter (2017) - Are you the teen psychopath babysat killer, or are you the wuss -running away with your life in one hand, and your bedroom nightlight in the other? Well, whichever - whatever. This is a fun movie for the kids this Halloween

The Babysitter is Never Who They Seem. If A Babysitter is a Psychopathic Child Killer, then What is the Babysat to Do When Your Babysitter Invites Her Psychopathic Friends Over to Play? Well, It Appears Its Up to the Babysat Preadolescent to Save the Day.

When a teenage babysitter decides they want to hang out with an adolescent boy who has just started puberty, alarm bells should be ringing. This female teenage babysitter is the Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad) of North American babysitting. Is she hearing voices? Difficult to tell over all of the screaming.

When a psychopathic teenage babysitter arrives at the street of her next victim, her babysat preadolescent nerd, it is time to get the babysat drunk and put him to bed. The babysitter proceeds to go to the living area where she joins her psychopathic kindred-minded friends, and they are about to play spin-the-bottle, where the person has to kiss another of the group. Only, when the group gets around to the teenage nerd that was invited to this little friendly get-together, the lead blonde (house babysitter) puts two hunter blades into the top sides of the unfortunate nerdy victim, that would be the first casualty before the psychopathic group of friends get around to sacrificing the babysat adolescent boy that is tucked up in bed.

Oh dear, the babysit adolescent boy (who we will call Cole from here on out), Cole, faked drinking the shots of liquor before sleepy time (and he has just seen with his own eyes from the top stairwell - the blonde babysitter (who we will call Bee from here on out), Bee, just kill the nerdy teen from her year at school. As it turns out, this group of teenage psychopaths need nerdy kid sacrifices (for god knows what reason - perhaps just because they can), and this would be two nerdy kids to be exact. Only, Cole, who has just witnessed a murder in his parents home has organised his thoughts and is now pretending to sleep in bed. When, shortly after, Bee and her psychopathic friends go upstairs and enter Cole’s bedroom, and when the group leaves; Cole wastes no time in making his escape and ties up his bed sheet to make a rope to make his way out of the window.

Cole… (oh, damn) The babysitter Bee has just entered the room and narrates what just happened whilst she was out of Cole’s room for a short while, and Cole is determined not to meet the same fate as the slightly older nerdy teen guy - so he doesn’t hesitate in making his way out of the bedroom window. Max, the muscle of the psychopathic enraged group makes haste in pursuit of Cole, and to round things up - Cole is captured and tied to a chair in his parents living room area. In total, the psychopathic group includes the blonde lead, Bee, the muscular hottie, Max, the hottie Asian, Sonya, the hottie cheerleader, Allison, and John - the black guy. These are all stereotypical psychopaths, and make for the most dysfunctional group of collective killers that a horror movie has seen, and this is largely down to their tactics in avoiding a backfire on their plans because as it turns out even a preadolescent babysat kid can cause some damage when the killers are fooling around for just a little too long.

The Babysitter is currently streaming on Netflix (instant streaming service), and will be available for viewing over the Halloween season, and makes for one of the best movie viewings of 2017 for the Netflix original movies. There is the preadolescent babysat kid that is being victimised for a human sacrifice video, a group of diversified teenage psychopath killers, and bullies that Cole must overcome on top of his ordeal with the crazy babysitter that seems determined to manipulate and kill Cole before her work is through as the babysitter.

The Babysitter is directed by McG (director of Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation), and happens to be one of the best comedic directors and movie maker visionaries of the B-movie universe. The Babysitter is one of our top Netflix original movie picks for 2018, as it has been professionally conducted, and could quite easily have been a cinematic movie - so Netflix subscribers are very fortunate to have instant access (via the internet) to one of the first Halloween appropriate original movies for Netflix (instant).

Good things come in 3’s: To wrap things up, since the box office prediction success for 2017’s Stephen King movie adaption of “It” (chapter 1) was confirmed, there has been two noticeable movie and TV shows that have been focused around the targeting of evil towards preadolescent children; and these include Stranger Things (Netflix Original TV show) and The Babysitter (Netflix Original movie). 2017’s “It” was predicted to be commercially successful long before its theatrical release, and this seems to have prompted Netflix to release a TV show and a movie that could tap into the same market of young adolescents who could relate to yet more victimised young people. The Babysitter, arguably is considerably different to the “It” movie in 2017, but it does have a certain zest about it that might appeal to a similar audience of prominent young people that want to feel empowered by being the heroes of a horror (child-appropriate) movie.

Additional Notes:

  • The Babysitter was made to progress like a comic book for the new age, and Netflix have been working on similar projects like this one for some time.
  • With the build-up to Halloween just a short while away, Netflix is planning on releasing more Halloween-themed horror content for the end of October (or, the day of Halloween)
  • Referring back to the comic book progression, there are even cool BAM! image shots for certain narration scenes when the babysat boy, Cole, is making his cunning plan for an escape from his captors.
  • The preadolescent babysat boy vs. a teenage group of hottie psychopath high-school stereotypes. The only way out is to spill blood, but does Cole have the wit to outsmart his killer babysitter and her gang of misfit teens from the cool club.

Netflix Has Done it Again!

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