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4 Things You Must Do If You Are A Bob Marley Fan

Updated on December 3, 2015
Bob Marley, the King of Reggae
Bob Marley, the King of Reggae

Taking Reggae to the World

It would not be an overstatement to call Bob Marley the icon of Reggae. He played an instrumental role, quite literally, in making this genre of music popular across the globe.

Born in 1945 in rural Jamaica, Marley was blessed with many talents. Despite this, he chose to pursue music. He left home and moved to Kingston when he was merely 14 years old, to chase his dream of being a singer. Marley faced several hardships, but managed to record his first single in 1962 - “Judge Not”.

Singer, guitarist, song writer and musician, Marley rose to fame quickly in the 1960s. His music reverberated around the world in the 1970s. Marley sold over 20 million records during his career, which makes him the first global celebrity to emerge from the third world, according to

He was only 36 when he succumbed to a form of malignant melanoma. While Marley died, his music lives on. Even today, he has hundreds of thousands of fans and is revered as a symbol of hope, positivity and freedom from oppression.

If you are a fan, here are some of the things you just cannot miss.

Bob Marley's Music
Bob Marley's Music

#1 - Listen to the 10 Most Popular Bob Marley Songs

Bob Marley’s commitment to freedom and justice, his challenging lyrics, his satirical melodies and the blending of African, biblical and Rastafarian themes can all be seen as transformative education, says according to a report by Alan Smith of Florida Southern College, Songs of Freedom: The Music of Bob Marley as Transformative Education.

  1. No Woman, No Cry
  2. Redemption Song
  3. Buffalo Soldier
  4. I Shot The Sheriff
  5. Is This Love
  6. Jammin'
  7. Get Up, Stand Up
  8. Could You Be Loved
  9. Stir It Up
  10. Exodus

Best of Bob Marley's Songs

#2 - Watch His Movie

You must see the movie Bob Marley, released in 2012. This two and a half hour movie is known for the incredible performances. It takes you through the life of the Reggae superstar, touching upon Bob the musician and Bob the revolutionary. It highlights the contradictions in his life and his achievement, and the poverty from which he rose to becoming a social and political prophet. The movie has several interviews with the people who were close to him. Kevin Macdonald has managed to achieve an impressive portrait of Bob Marley, taking the viewer through his “extraordinarily full yet oddly mysterious life,” says a review by late Philip French, who had been Observer's film critic for 35 years.

Watch the Trailer - Bob Marley, Released in 2012

Flag of Rastafarianism
Flag of Rastafarianism

#3 - Learn About Rastafarianism

Marley was a devout Rastafarian and spread it to different corners of the world. Rastafarianism has risen to the status of being a set of religious beliefs, with an international audience. This has centers in North America, Europe and Africa. The growth of Rastafari has been phenomenal, and it is estimated to have approximately 700,000 followers, according to a paper Rastaman Vibration: The Rhetoric of Bob Marley by David Steven Worth of the Texas Tech University.

Bob Marley's Birthplace
Bob Marley's Birthplace

#4 - Visit His Birthplace

You can take a trip to Nine Miles in Jamaica, which is the birthplace as well as the final resting place of Bob Marley. Hear stories of his childhood and his family. You will get to know several things that you didn’t know earlier about Bob Marley. For instance, you may not know that his father was a British naval captain. There are anecdotes about his love for music and his rise to stardom that you can learn from visiting this destination, according to a leading DMC in Jamaica.


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