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4 great concept albums to listen to on a walk

Updated on May 25, 2013

This Memorial Day...

You're going to a party. They grill burgers, drink beer, eat cake and have it too, celebrate birthdays, graduations, weddings, the beginning of summer, St. Abernathy's day...all with more food and drinks than you can shake your iPhone with! It will be great!

Plus, you are going to the beach or pool for the first time and everyone will see your abs!

Great? Oh wait! The horror!

Fortunately, the makers of the internet have come up with a revolutionary new technique for doing many amazing health benefits in one action. Even better, this action is completely free with our special coupon code at the bottom of this hub! The code name in English is "walking", and paired with the right music sauce, it is the perfect after-dinner kinetic dessert!
(Author disclosure: I have made a webpage before. Therefore, I am a maker of the internet).

If you are short on funds this year, four adventure tours I recommend taking this memorial day weekend are:

  1. Israel ("Mabool" by Orphaned Land)
  2. Ancient Egypt ("V: The New Mythology Suite" by Symphony X)
  3. Ancient Germany ("Sola Scriptura" by Neal Morse)
  4. "Blackwater Park" ("Blackwater Park" by Opeth)

Get some nice headphones, an hour or two of your time, find the albums on your electronic device somehow, and step by step you are farther out of this world into worlds beyond!

Ticket to Blackwater Park

On your way through...


Blackwater Park

Step by step, you are entering Europe during the "black plague" days. The frailty of man, the morbid surprises of normal human disfunction, and the inner strength to rise up against it.

Crying can not be prolonged for the realization of so many deaths, yet the feelings of sadness must be expressed somehow and the richness of the music does that from all sides. We are paid to deal with human disfunction as if normal, yet open misanthropy based on our experience will cut us off from playing the game of society. Listen and bleed out through Blackwater Park, "A lullaby for the ones who've lost all".

Ticket to Reformation era Germany

Sola Scriptura

Step by step, you are entering a world where you are the single man (or woman) trying to think clearly about a big, powerful societal structure which seems to drug everyone else. "If something is to be, it's up to me", you realize, and start your walk of faith. Along the way, you are confident in small victories, doubting in times where you are along, singing simple songs to prop your self up, and will of steel even when you are captured and thrown in prison.

This is a musical story of Martin Luther and possibly his thoughts as he challenged the church-state, was hated, and kept his resolve and his faith, and it's a beautiful piece of music spanning many genres that touches me with both lyrics and musical risk-taking in a cohesive story.

"I stand accused I'm beaten used and tired
They took on my words and threw them in the fire
As they cast me down, there's somethind found within me
They can grind me to dust but life is just beginning

There is a truth that I'm feeling:
love full of healing
Somewhere I've never known
As I surrender completely: pure and it's easy
Like I'm already home
I'm already home"

On your way through...


Ticket to Ancient Egypt

On your way through...


V: The New Mythology Suite

Step by step, you are entering a proud land...

"We unlock the mysteries of
knowledge and technology"

Here we are
Children of Sun and Stars
the first to know and to understand
Living by the Law of the Ages
prophets and sages - forging Utopia!"


"Lords of technology that fell into the void
Oh shall it be as it was before
- a tragedy on every shore?

Is this the end of all we know
Innocence lost so long ago
Woven in dreams
the darkest of schemes
now takes hold of our destiny
Decades of greed, plague, famine and war
we can't go on like this anymore!"

Are you entering Ancient Egypt, or modern day USA?

A vast empire ye shall build, to be remembered through prisms? Trapped in a dark pyramid, underground wind shafts blow different temperatures of currents your way: classical music, proud metal guitar riffs, bombastic screeching of guitar solos, choirs of minions and chaotic rhythms of the underground magma. Will you make it out to modern civilization alive?

While passing through...



Step by step, you are entering the cradle of civilization. The land where the human race started its conquest of planet Earth.

However, a flood is coming! A natural disaster is coming! How do we prepare?

Through both English and Hebrew (some mosque chants too), the tone of the music, the wide variety of indigenous instruments, the fury of the heavy metal flood followed by the calm of the sun shining on serene piano outros like birds singing make this a must listen trip back in time. I cannot emphasize how original and cleansing this trip is!

"Out of depths of sorrow I cry
Before thee I lie
If this world shall inherit the mild
Hear your orphaned child"


You explored through your mind's eye great changes in the civilization of the world and your adventures back into ancient and mysterious lands cost your close to nothing!

Not to mention you burned around 1000 calories without much physical effort!

According to ,

an average size person (150 lbs) walking a leisurely pace (3 miles per hour) for the duration of these music albums listed above would burn around 1000 calories! If you power walked that or jogged some of it, you could burn 1300 - 1500 calories, a number that would easily lose you some weight right there, while your mind was not stressing out about it.

What a simple concept!

This end-of-May-beginning-of-June, take a trip, hear a story, learn a lesson and become a deeper person, lose some weight and improve your appearance, recharge your emotional batteries, listen to some dazzling craftsmanship in music and more for little by talking walks with these four concept albums I recommend!

"Blackwater Park" lyrics by Mikael Ã…kerfeldt
"Sola Scriptura" lyrics by Neal Morse
"Evolution" and "A Fool's Paradise" lyrics by Russel Allen, Michael Pinnella
"The Storm Still Rages Inside" lyrics by Orphaned Land

Your Travels

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