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47 RONIN: Inspired by a Real-Life Story

Updated on October 15, 2014

Last weekend, I was wondering around in a Digital Store and I found this Movie stars Keanu Reeves (It captured me because his one of my favorite Actors), So I check it out, the story is about a 47 people called as Ronin, a master of all samurai. The Movie started when Kai a half japanese and british origin (Keanu Reeves) was lost in the forest and was almost dead due to a mysterious being that was hunting him, then while unconscious he was found by Lord Asano of Ako Village, rescued and raised him. But even he was accepted by Lord Asano, Kai was rejected by other samurai from the village, mostly a samurai named Oishi. After many years of staying at Ako Village he learned to love the daughter of Lord Asano, she was named Mika. And still years doesn't erase the rejection of the samurai in the village to Kai so he stayed humble and silent, always distant to other because he was marked as 'Half Breed', even though they hated him, Kai always help the samurai when they are in trouble, he was naturally have the care for them.

Then after this, a more conflict of the story was presented when Lord Kira from distant land arrived at Ako Village and got attracted to Mika. In able for him to win the hand of Mika he arranged a fight of soldier to win the hand of the daughter of Lord Asano, however, Lord Kira has a secret he has a Witch behind him named Mizuki. This witch caused a lot of trouble to Lord Asano and made him to commit a murder that other people thought was intentionally did by the Lord of Ako. To make his honor intact a ritual called seppuku (taking your life by stomach cutting) was given as punishment.

After the death of Lord Asano, Ako Village was taken by Lord Kira and set a marriage to Mika to totally takeover on the entire village. Then Kai was sent to distant land as slave and Oishi was punished and trap him in a deep hole.

A year after, Oishi managed to survived and get out on his prison. He then managed a revenge to Lord Kira,to do this he need to find Kai, and succeeded to see him. With the help of Kai, Oishi and the other samurai (they are total of 47 samurai or Ronin), was able to get a sword from a mysterious being from the woods. And they have planned and manage to penetrate the Ako Village to regain Mika and win over the Witch.

In end, they gained the power they have to Ako, but the 47 samurai or Ronin was given a punishment to do seppuku, because what they've did is still punishable by law in Japan. To make the story short, the Ronin did die, as same with what happened 18th century ago, that happened to a 47 Ronin.

I'm a bit sad on the ending, but nevertheless I've enjoyed watching it. So I recommend this movie to those who are interested watching a fantasy action film.

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