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4th Gen. Apple TV: Things To Know

Updated on February 23, 2016
4th gen apple TV set top box and remote (with Siri)
4th gen apple TV set top box and remote (with Siri)

4th Generation Apple TV

Apple TV is a digital-media player, a kind of micro-console (set-top box) that has been developed by Apple Inc. The smaller digital device is capable of receiving digital-data signals from many different sources. The signals are then streamed on a television set. As Apple TV is a kind of HDMI source device, it has to be connected to the HDMI port of the television set through an HDMI cable. You can run the Apple TV set top box remotely through the Apple remote control (the package contains it) or by downloading the iTunes remote control App on a iOS smartphone/device. Some of these devices include iPhone, The Apple watch and the Apple iPad. Apple TV also has Wi-Fi capability which can be used for receiving digital content from iTunes app through airplay or from the iTunes store. You can play television channels broad-casted by different broadcast and cable networks and can also play You Tube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and other kinds of online-channel digital content on your TV by using Apple TV. Apart from these, Apple TV also brings to your television set 4 North Amercan sports leagues including the NHL game center, BNBA league pass and MLBTv among others.

The 4th generation Apple TV

Apple has started shipping the 4th generation Apple TV set top box since Oct 2015. The tallest of all Apple TV’s, it has a swipe-for-Selection feature remote instead of the old button remote. The TV’s remote also provides you Siri support and has the in-built motion sensor. The remote has the Siri button.

The new Apple TV also uses a new TvOS which the consumer can be use to download all kinds of 3rd party apps that can be used for playing games, audio and other kinds of content.


Apple TV is made up of plastic. USB-C, Ethernet and HDMI port and power ports are all located on the back of the device. The Box has 2GB of RAM and the A-8 Apple’s patented processor chip runs Apple TV. The same A8 chip clocks 1.4 GHz on the new iPhone-6. Apple TV is available in 2 models. 1 that has 32 GB of internet storage (priced at $149) and the other having 64 GB of internal memory (priced at $199). As you only need the device for streaming purposes, memory is not a major constraint here and the 32G-B device is sufficient for home use purposes.

The new beautiful-in-looks remote has its front covered by a glass panel. It also has smooth track-pad in its front. The remote has a Siri button for voice search, volume controls, play/pause and menu buttons and the volume control buttons. TV’s voice can also be controlled through the Siri button.


The new Tv-OS is a kind of revised version of iOS to be used in the Apple TV-4th Gen. The new user interface can be used for accessing Apps and for playing digital media and content through them. Through the new OS you can also pair your iPhone with Apple TV and shoot digital signals over Wi-Fi.

Once you set the device with your television, you get to see the home screen that has Apps for TV shows, iTunes featuring movies and for viewing photos.

App Store

Find the Apple App store on your home screen once you have set up the device. There is a huge collection of third party apps for you to explore. You will find Netflix, Hulu, Gilt and QVC among other desirable Apps. You can also download Apps of your choice. Videos start up in lesser time and Apple TV 4th gen. gives you high definition 1080p videos. Apple TV also offers you good gaming experience that can be described as casula in nature. The Siri remote offers you the desired functionality for playing games and you can also use the MFI or made- for iP-one controller (connected via Bluetooth) for playing games.


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