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5 Anime Like Infinite Stratos

Updated on December 15, 2013
Anime Like Infinite Stratos
Anime Like Infinite Stratos | Source

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Some Anime Like Infinite Stratos

This anime is cool because it combines mecha with some harem. This type of anime seems to be selling like hot cakes. What is better than having an anime full of fan service and also mecha fighting action? They are obviously targeting this for young boys out there.


Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

This anime is almost a carbon copy in terms of plot setting. The main protagonist of the story is Kenshin Masaki. He is forced to travel to an alternate universe named Geminar where the countries there fight each other with robots know as Sacred Mechanoids. Masaki isn't a big fan of Geminar and yearns to go back to Earth. A secret organization then tricks him into assassinating the princess of Shtrayu Empire in an exchange for a deal to go back to Earth.

He eventually captures the princess, but ends up being her servant and follows here back to the Holy Land. The Holy Land has an academy that trains Sacred Mechanoid pilots. He becomes extremely popular in the school and gets a flock of girls fawning over him. He does not know that the secret organization is cooking something evil in the school which will start a large upscale war...


Horizon: In the Middle of Nowhere

Humans went to space to find a new place to settle, only to discover that they had to return back to Earth due to an unknown phenomenon. When they went back to Earth, they realized that the only livable place is Japan. In an attempt to house the entire population in the small island, dimension pockets were built to accommodate everyone.

Tori Ai is the main character and he decided to lead a counterattack together with his classmates to regain his homeland after constant warfare with the people that live in dimension pockets as they gain control of Japan.



Well, this anime is quite some fan service and super power girls mixed in. In the universe of Freezing, super powered females are utilized to battle aliens that invaded Earth known as Nova. The main character is Kazuya Aoi, who is the star of the harem anime. The females are genetically enhanced and they possess amazing fighting capabilities.

Of course, they have a need to strip naked and transform into this super cool costume. I guess that really brings in some money for the animators. You bet most guys would want to watch something like that. The 2 main female leads are Satellizer el Bridget and Rana Linche, who eventually end up fighting over Kazuya. Oh, let's not forget about the aliens too!


Strike Witches

The story of this anime takes place in a fantasy setting of World War II. The anime documents the conflict between the Allied and the Axis. If you are a big fan of history, this might be of interest to you. The Allied are humans while the Axis are called Neurois(aliens).

The best is that the cast is mostly lolicons. This is a good show for PedoBear. Anyway, the Allied recruits young girls known as Strike Witches. They are girls with tremendous magical power that can be the turning point of the war. The main character is Yoshika Miyafuji. Coming from a family of physicians, she heals people using her magical powers. The Strike Witches also attach a unique leg machine that allows them to fly in the air, hence enhancing their magical power and aptitude. With that, they plan on stopping the aliens from invading their homeland...

PedoBear is here
PedoBear is here | Source
FMP Fumoffu
FMP Fumoffu | Source

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu?

This anime has some mecha in it, but mostly is centered on a goofy military geek Sagara Sousuke and Kaname Chidori. While this anime has 2 girls chasing one guy(very subtle), they focus a lot on the comedy.

This is actually a side story of Full Metal Panic!, which is a more serious mecha anime that has a little comedy and romance mixed in. I would suggest you watch both. Chidori is a "whispered human" that could help activate a power system that could start wars. As a result, Sousuke is sent to protect her from his organization known as Mithril. Chidori is a little annoyed at Sousuke due to his "stalker" like behavior. However, this changes as the anime goes on as she knows that she is in danger of being kidnapped...

Bonta Kun


There you have it! All these anime are excellent alternatives to Infinite Stratos. Be sure to check them out during your leisure time!


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