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6 Animes Like Vampire Knight

Updated on June 30, 2013

Some Anime Like Vampire Knight

If you are a big fan of Vampire Knight, then you might be interested in the following anime that I am about to introduce to you.


Rosario + Vampire

Tsukano Aono is a student that fails at getting good results for his class. Due to his poor grades in school, his parents manage to enroll him into a private school that is quite a strange one. It is called Yokai Academy. Tsukano soon realizes that this school is full of supernatural monsters that pretend to be humans. Should any human find out that they are monsters, the human will not be spared. Upon knowing this, Tsukano thought it was a bad idea to get in the school until he meets a beautiful girl called Moka Akashiya. She is a vampire that is attracted to Tsukano's sweet taste of blood. At first Moka didn't like Tsukano, but then later on she becomes good friends with him. Tsukano can actully trigger the "real" vampire of Moka, which is distinguished by the "rosario" on her neck...



In Hellsing, you follow the journey of Alucard. His ancestors were defeated by Van Hellsing many years ago. He is part of the Holy Order of Protestant Knights organization. It is currently guided by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who was handed the organization after her father passed away. A police turned vampire by Alucard called Seras Victoria joins the group as well. Together, they journey together and found out that a secret group is raising a throng of vampires to overturn Alucard and potentially start a vampire "World War II".


Karin the Chibi Vampire

In a long line of vampires that depend on the sucking of human blood to survive, Karin Maaka of the vampire family becomes the first vampire that produces blood. What?! That does not make any sense. As a result of the extra blood that she produces, she has to bite somebody to get rid of the excessive blood. The funny part is she also suffers from nose bleeds.Due to his abnormal circumstance, she is forced to live a normal live just like humans. Her life just becomes the day of what a normal human would live, until she meets a new transfer student Kenta Usui. Whenever she gets close to Kenta, she would produce a lot of blood. The interesting thing is that they go to the same class and work at the same restaurant...


Blood+(Blood Plus)

Saya Otonashi is the main character of the anime. She looks just like an ordinary 16 year old high school girl but she actually lives in amnesia.. Due to her being anemic, she requires constant blood transfusions. One day, she is attacked by a large bat and a mysterious man came and feed her some blood. Saya then gains tremendous speed and agility. Using the man's katana, she defeats the bat. Soon enough, her past is revealed where she is borne in a research lab in 1833. Her destiny was to destroy Chiropterans and also a bloody war with her twin sister...


Fortune Arterial

After transferring from so many different public schools, Hasekura Kouhei gets sent to a Christian School called Shuchikan Academy by his parents so he will not have to move with them. This school is on an island, so it is only accessible by sea transportation. Since he gets transferred so often, he could not make any friends, hence making him quite a lonely guy. Hasekura soon finds out that one of his neighboring classmates is a vampire. She is Erika Sendo, an attractive girl and a fifth year student of the school...


Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

Hazuki is a vampire from a royal family. She eventually meets Kouhei Morioka, a freelance photographer that travel around and take photos. Kouhei travels to Germany to take paranormal type photos for his friend. He then finds Hazuki and she feeds on Kouhei's blood and she is now his servant. Kouhei has no interest in her being her servant, as he argues with her all the time about this "pact" that they made. However, despite all this fighting and bickering, their relationship develops and Kouhei eventually decided to protect Hazuki from her vampire enemies from capturing Hazuki...

Anime Like Vampire Knight Conclusion

There you have it! Check them out during your leisure time! I personally enjoyed Karin the chibi vampire and I highly suggest that you watch it.


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    • profile image

      Julianne 3 years ago

      Try diabolik lovers. Its my second favourite vampire anime

    • profile image

      anda 4 years ago

      I tried watching Hellsing since i love vampire anime. but i can't. the art is not my taste. and i found it boring :) I prefer Vampire Knight

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Okay, thanks for the feed back. I will take a look again.

    • profile image

      Isuzu Cousland 4 years ago

      Hellsing is NOTHING like Vampire Knight except the fact that both have vampires. Vampire Knight as a friggin romance on top of romance with a side helping of romance and for dessert? a whole bunch of lust and sexual tension and Hellsing is well, a gore fest of action and badassery with not a lick of romance. I'm not saying any of the anime you listed is bad (with the exception of Rosario, I couldn't stand that anime, lol) because I like them all (on varying degrees) but to compare some of these anime together by the simple fact that they have vampires in them is ridiculous at best.