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5 Artists Who Should Do a Bond Theme

Updated on November 29, 2014

I'll be honest...not the biggest Adele fan. Sorry but I'm just not. Despite this many have cited her theme for Skyfall as their favourite James Bond theme song ever. I happen to disagree but I understand where people are coming from. The requirements for a Bond theme are tricky to get right. A theme needs to communicate danger and excitement but also romance and eroticism.

That being said here are five music artists that have the skills and the pipes necessary to give Bond some more jams.

5. Maverick Sabre

This artist emerged onto the scene in 2010 and has been able to take on a strange mix of genres inclusing R&B, folk and rap music. He's also notable for his eerie reggae sounding vocals even though he is native Irishm-English. What Sabre consistently has though is a sense of honesty and raw emotion which can range from the sensitive side of bond to the more stylish and high octane side of the franchise.

Without a doubt the best candidate and closest to a Bond theme is the song Let Me Go. The combination of dance beat and classic horns with strongs is modern but also classic. As well as this the video looks like it was pulled straight from Diamonds Are Forever. The lyrics and subject of the strong could easily be Bond lamenting about a love interest of his. It's a great track with many layers that builds and builds into an almost explosive dash of style but also grit.

4. Muse

This one is obvious considering this group has already come in grabbing distance of an official theme. As well as Adele, Muse also submitted their own theme for Skyfall in the song Supremacy. A haunting but powerful anthem which would work equally as great as a villain theme. While Let Me Go would be great for the stylish sensitive Bond, Supremacy is definitely an action set piece in musical form, building an epic, world spanning picture of masterminds and devious plots.

While Supremacy was ultimately rejected many would still like to see Muse headlining a Bond adventure and with good reason. Muse have been active for almost two decades and quickly carved out a unique sound and dedicated fan base. Constantly experimenting with new kinds of rock sounds, Muse have come back time and time again with smash hit after smash hit. Just when it looks like they're faded into obscurity they come back with a new anthem which catapults them into their rightful superstar status.

With great instrumental skills and lead singer Matthew Bellamy's signature vocal style it seems like it's more a question of when rather than if.

3. Hooverphonic

I pretty much don't need to explain this one. All you need to do is listen. Belgian rock band Hooverphonic began in 1998 as more of an electronic pop group or as some called them "trip pop". However it wasn't long until their true potential came through and certain additions such as a very Bond sounding guitar and a more classic vocal style turned their sound into something very different. Much like Maverick Sabre they have a stylistic combination of electro elements and classic strings with horns, ideal for modern Bond.

To demonstrate their potential they have a plethora of material to showcaes such as the entire performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2012. For this concert all electronic elements were replaced with a live orchestra and the sound is breathtaking. Another great example is the song Anger Never Dies which could be a movie title in itself. Just like the orchestra performance every second oozes Bond material. A huge motivating factor in their compositions is actually the work of John Barry, the co creator of the Bond theme itself.

The only thing standing in their way seems to be a lack of popularity internationally. In their native country of Belgium they're near super stars and well known in the rest of Europe but in Britain and the US not so much.

They clearly think in that direction and honestly deserve a chance.

2. Lenny Kravitz

While Hooverphonic could do with more recognition, this man needs no introduction. Internationally recognized with a proud career and incredible sense of style, Lenny Kravitz could hearken back to the more exotic and fantastical adventures of Moore while style retaining the new gritty edge of Craig. The man himself could almost be a character in one of the films, a smooth henchman trying to muscle in on Bond's girl which most female audience members would be okay with - the guys 50 and he looks amazing.

While no particular song screams Bond theme exactly the components are certainly in place. From some recent installments such as The Chamber, we have a faster paced, espionage take on romance, the subject of which could easily be a formidable femme fatale. The lyric video even looks like a film openeing. Just replace the on screen lyrics with credits and the job is done for you. Then for a more epic but also low key sounding theme The Pleasuere and the Pain fits nicely - while also sounding like a movie title. Add a chorus to the beginning and some more orchestra and it comes together very well. This time depicting a romance akin to On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Honourable Mentions

Before we get to number 1 a few more artists deserve a mention. So here they are.

Arctic Monkeys

While their lyrical content is more down and dirty for Bond's liking the instrumental certain fits well. Particularly the bass sound of Do I Wanna Know, shows a lot of potential.

Chris Cornell

This man already gave us the brilliant them for Casino Royale but he could give us even more. Cornell's work with his former band, Audioslave has some really evocative tracks that go hand in hand with action and romance. Sound of a Gun is most notable for these two elements and a great rock song by itself.

Shirley Bassey

In short: we NEED another them from her. To some hardcore Bond fans, many will know that she actually recorded and submitted themes with composer David Arnold for both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. For Casino Royale the son The Living Tree was submitted. In this case I believe the superior song, You Know My Name, won out. However for Quantum of Solace there should've been no contest between Bassey's fantastic, No Good About Goodbye, and the...not so fantastic Another Way to Die.

1. Caro Emerald

While another theme from Bassey would be awesome what would be even better is if we found her successor. A rich and emotive female voice to carry not just one but many Bond movies in the future. That being said, meet Caro Emerald. Coming out of Denmark, Emerald appears like a Bond girl come to life - I mean seriously her name is Emerald - with looks, style, sophistication, intelligence and above all an amazing singing voice. Not quite possessing the range of Bassey - although short of the blue alien from Fifth Element who does - Emerald has a gorgeous sound that crosses a number of genres conveying a retro and intimate tone. It's a sound that makes a listener want to get out and hit the town or go on an adventure with somebody.

Two tracks that showcase her Bond potential are the mysterious, Bullet and the symphonic, I Belong To You. Both tracks are brilliant but Caro Emerald has potential beyond. Every note and appearance speaks to the world of Bond making her capable of singing for all scenarios: action, romance, class etc. I don't want to see Caro Emerald sing one Bond theme, I want her to sing the next ten.


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