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5 Best Community Episodes

Updated on July 8, 2012
Title shot for the TV show Community
Title shot for the TV show Community | Source

Top 5 Community Episodes

One of my personal favourite TV shows currently running is the NBC television show Community. the show offers quick, well written jokes and over-the-top scenarios. A comedy that is not for the serious of heart, the show throws out all the rules when it comes to college. The show stars a group of 7 community college students including actors Chevy Chase and Donald Glover. Community is a show that I highly recommend to all of my friends and everyone reading this Hub. So I have compiled my favourite 5 episodes. I recommend that you watch the show in order so that you get to know the characters but if you would like a taste of the show and the comedy at work i think you will like these episodes as much as I do!

#5 Contemporary American Poultry S01 E21

This episode is very funny because of its ability to showcase each characters moral or enterprising strengths. The gang discovers that their favourite lunchtime meal at Greendale Community College (chicken fingers) is being supplied and rationed by a mafia-like group. The 7 main characters decide to infiltrate this group and eventually takeover the chicken process. With Jeff and Abed vying for control of their new mafia, the 7 quickly discover that almost anything can be bought with the campus' favourite chicken.

My Community merchandise!
My Community merchandise!

#4 Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design S02 E09

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to see Jeff get what he deserves. Jeff (arguable the main character) is obsessed with blowing off classes and getting out of doing...well...anything. In this episode Jeff fakes a class about conspiracy theories but when the Dean calls him out on his class Jeff thinks he has been caught. Before he is busted however, the Dean is met by Professor Professorson who informs him that he teaches Jeff about conspiracies. Jeff and Annie delve into this mystery to discover what really goes on in night school and who this professor really is. The best part in this episode is the last scene where quite a few bullets fly when the Dean, Annie, Jeff and the Professor confront each other.

#3 For a Few Paintballs More S02 E24

In the season two finale the Campus has been turned upside-down because of another paintball game out of control. This time we learn that the prize has been supplied by City College (Greendale's rival community college) in an effort to destroy the school. The climax of the plot comes when Greendale students unite and attempt to defeat City College's army of stormtrooper-like paintball assassins.

#2 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons S02 E14

By far the best representation of a role playing game! Normally when watching a fantasy episode you would expect the characters to be acting out the fantasy while wearing knight costumes and fighting dragons... not in this episode. The writers took an interesting turn and filmed the gang talking to each other and completing the quest while sitting at the study table. The quest takes an evil turn when Pierce (Chevy Chase) decides to become the villain. Not only does this come with a thrown but Pierce also gets a dragon to attack the others!

Jeff attempts to help the two opposing leaders come to an agreement
Jeff attempts to help the two opposing leaders come to an agreement | Source

#1 Pillows and Blankets S03 E14

Absolutely the funniest, most original, and best written episode so far. The whole episode is narrated by a Morgan Freeman-like narrator and is presented as a war documentary. The episode documents the history of the largest pillow/blanket fight ever to take over the campus if Greendale Community College. In the episode, Abed is constructing a blanket fort and Troy is constructing a pillow fort. This started in order to win the Guinness World Record for the largest pillow/blanket fort. When the two come to a disagreement their different fort styles begin to take up arms against one another. The rest of the characters choose sides as the greatest friendship ever to come to Greendale hangs in the balance of a campus-wide war!


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