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5 Best and Worst Movies of Hrithik Roshan

Updated on January 22, 2017
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Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan | Source

About Hrithik Roshan

  • Born in the home of famous actor of the golden era of Bollywood, Hrithik has built his own image and known to the world for his acting and dancing abilities.
  • His father and mother names are Rakesh and Pinky Roshan respectively.
  • He is also called as the "Greek God of Bollywood" because of his good looks and perfect body.
  • He started acting at a very young age with the movie Bhagwaan Dada in 1986 that also starred Rajinikanth, Rakesh Roshan and Sridevi.
  • He has acted in more than twenty films.
  • He was married to his long-time girlfriend, Sussane Khan for the last fourteen years and has two sons, Hridhaan and Hrehaan Roshan.
  • His two films: Mohenjo Daro and Kaabil are set to release in late 2016.

5 Best Movies of Hrithik Roshan

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: The movie starred Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif and Kalki Koechlin. It is about three friends who plan to go on a vacation in Spain after one of their friends gets engaged. Each of them has a risky adventure in their mind which they wish to accomplish before they get old. They know only one thing "Life does not come again", which justifies the title of the movie. The beauty of the Spain and the meaning of friendship are also clearly pictured in this movie.

2. Lakshya: Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta and Amitabh Bachchan are the main characters of this movie. The movie is based on a story of an aimless guy, who later on becomes the Lieutenant of Indian Army and finally acting as the Captain of the Indian Army. During his course of reaching to the high post, he is severely punished several times for his undisciplined nature. Finally, he learns his lesson and becomes the prominent member of the army to win the war. The story of the movie is set against 1999 Kargil War, a war between India and Pakistan.

3. Jodhaa Akbar: The main star cast includes Hrithik Roshan as Akbar and Aishwarya Rai as Jodhaa. The movie is about the love story of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and Rajput princess Jodhaa. Despite of Jodhaa's unwillingness to marry in a Mughal family, she had to marry Akbar due to political reasons and later, fell in love with him. On the other hand, the movie is also full of action. Though Akbar is a calm and mature emperor, he would never stay back if he has to fight for his pride and self-respect. He has been portrayed as the most powerful ruler who has captured almost all the territories of India.

Hrithik Roshan received two IIFA awards; one for Best leading actor in Jodhaa Akbar and another for Best style icon in Macau, 2009
Hrithik Roshan received two IIFA awards; one for Best leading actor in Jodhaa Akbar and another for Best style icon in Macau, 2009 | Source

4. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: It is a multi-starrer movie and includes Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead. The movie is a family drama that revolves around a wealthy family in which the elder son of the family goes away from the home to live in London with his wife after a dispute with his father. On the other hand, when the younger son comes home after completing studies and becomes aware of the situation, he goes to London to bring back his elder brother in a desire to reunite his family.

5. Guzaarish: Guzaarish starred Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles. The movie is about a person who is by profession a radio jockey as well as famous magician and suffering from quadriplegic. He is taken care of by a nurse for the last twelve years. After fourteen years of his accident, he flies an appeal to the court requesting for mercy killing (euthanasia), but the court rejects his appeal every time he files it. When his mother dies, he is left with no one in the world. Later on, the nurse, role played by Aishwarya Rai, realizes him of her love that supports him to live his life.

Movie Name
IMDb Rating
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Jodhaa Akbar
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
IMDb Rating of Best Movies

5 Worst Movies of Hrithik Roshan

1. Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage: The story is about two lovers, Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) and Sapna (Ameesha Patel). The movie did not have anything new to deliver to the audience. It was like the same old Bollywood movies, in which girl's father and brother tend to resist her from loving a guy, but ultimately they accept her sentiments. According to film critics, the movie had not even had a good plot as well as acting. In English, the movie means I Started Liking You.

2. Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon: Despite of having Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan in lead roles, the movie did not have much to deliver except the music. The movie is full of confusion and bad acting. A rich girl mistakenly falls in love with a man who she thinks to be someone else, but when the actual person enters the scene, everything gets quite messy. The end of the story is quite predictable.

Hrithik Roshan as a judge at Just Dance
Hrithik Roshan as a judge at Just Dance

3. Yaadein: Yaadein (means Memories in English) starred Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Jackie Shroff in lead roles. The movie is about two estranged friends' children who fell in love with each other. With brilliant actors working in the movie, it still could not reach the expectation. As directed by famous director like Subhash Ghai, it is believed that the movie would definitely bring something unique with it, but it was a normal and casual film with no kick.

4. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum: The movie, starring Hrithik Roshan, Esha Deol and Saif Ali Khan, lies between the scale of good and bad. It is a story of two friends who love the same girl. The movie turns out to be quite boring at many moments, but chemistry between Hrithik and Esha is quite effective and loving. It does not have any "WOW" factor in it. It's a plain and normal story, nothing great to deliver.

5. Krrish 3: Krrish 3 is the sequel of super hit movie Krrish that also had the same star cast, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra and was also given 100% positive response by Rotten Tomatoes. On the other hand, Krrish 3 failed to entertain the audience to a great extreme. Everything was quite wrong about the movie, including songs, story line and many scenes. But, I must say the acting was up to the mark and a brilliant film making technique was used for this movie, yet the story looked more appropriate to be watched by youngsters of hardly 12 years of age. It looked like a bad and childish version of X-Men.

Movie Name
IMDb Rating
Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage
Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon
Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
Krrish 3
IMDb Rating of Worst Movies

I am quite curious to know what you think about these movies, do send in your comments. Thank you for reading!

Till then, check out the Motivational Video of Hrithik Roshan.

Previously I added a video of his latest film Mohenjo Daro, which is released now and has received average ratings.

Latest Movie: Kabil's Trailer


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