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3 Characters That Could Defeat Godzilla Through Silly Means

Updated on May 19, 2020

What's this about?

Assuming you read the title then you have a pretty good idea what is about to happen, "but what are silly means?" I hear you drumming away at that little keyboard of yours. To put it simply, there have been many list depicting characters that could beat Godzilla simply because they are just so overpowered for an already overpowered being, like Superman or Dr. Manhattan, but I thought it would be more fun to look at the radically different or even embarrassing ways some of these characters could overcome the monster king.

Before I begin first I think it would be wise to set some rules.

Rule number 1. No overpowering, such as Superman just grabbing his tail and flinging him into the sun, too easy, no fun.

Rule number 2. No reality warping, such as Genie from Aladdin snapping his fingers and turning Godzilla from king of the monsters into Godzilla king of the chickens, again too easy and no fun.

That's all I can think of lets go!

Just who or what is Godzilla?

I assume pretty much everyone is aware of who Godzilla is, but just to some it up quickly he's a 300ft radioactive dinosaur like monster capable of unleashing a beam of pure concentrated atomic energy from his mouth and is lift twice his weight which is around 30,000 tons. That of course is the jest of it, somethings have been contradicted over 60 years and between 30 movies but there is a reason why he is called King of the monsters. I just wanted to get a small introduction out of the way before we get started.

Number 1 Ant-Man

It is actually not as bad has it may look
It is actually not as bad has it may look

Okay just hear me out. Ant-man (or anyone with the technology really) could simply shrink Godzilla to the size of an ant or perhaps a hamster and make a pet out of him, he would be a great conversation starter. The idea of shrinking the monster king has actually been explored before both in some old cartoons by Hanna Barbara as well as the Marvel Godzilla comic series but in both cases something went wrong and Godzilla eventually returned to his normal size but not before holding his own with the fantastic 4, so if one were to shrink Godzilla I would advise making him gerbil sized.

Number 2 Koopa

In the games he is Bowser but in the movie he was named Koopa
In the games he is Bowser but in the movie he was named Koopa
The most overpowered weapon possible.
The most overpowered weapon possible.

Okay this one might require some explaining. so back in 1993 the Mario Bros movie starring Bob Hoskins as Mario, John Leguizamo as Luigi and Dennis Hopper as Koopa aka Bowser, the movie did poorly but in the movie we were introduced to Koopa's de-evolution technology, now there have been a few other characters throughout fiction to reverse evolution, however Koopa was the first and so far only one (to my knowledge) to straight up weaponize it. Introducing the "De-mo Guns" one blast from this thing and in 3 seconds he turned a grown man into a chimp. if Godzilla showed up to cause problems Koopa's men would aim a series of these at him a turn Godzilla back into a dinosaur or whatever he evolved from. These de-mo guns are probably one of the most overpowered weapons in fiction especially for something that can be carried by hand, seriously even superman is subject to evolution.

Number 3 Fluttershy

I feel like the mane 6 in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic would probably find a way to just befriend Godzilla saving the lands and making a very powerful friend in the process, but the main contributor to those negotiations would be Fluttershy. Fluttershy is a Pegasus who possesses the unique power to talk to animals, seriously no one else in the show has this power, and no she doesn't control them like Aquaman does with fish she just talks to them, and given her kind nature she always tries to befriend whatever animal or creature she comes across. of course she does suffer from stage fright, a fear of dragons and loud noises, however given Godzilla's destructive nature and what Fluttershy would be "Fighting" for I think if she would count Godzilla as a dragon she might overcome her fear so that Godzilla would never have to feel alone again on top of saving everyone's home.

That was a short list

hey, I never said anything about a long list, also this was kind of hard to put together given some of the restrictions I put in place but I feel they where needed. this list is not definitive and I have no doubt that I probably missed a few or may have overlooked some possibilities. but what do you guys think please let me know what silly ways Godzilla could be beaten in the comments below, until next time I'm Wanderin Jim and have a super happy day.


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