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6 Christmas Movies for the Horror Buff in Your Life

Updated on December 13, 2016
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Arthur is an avid television and movie fan with horror being his favored genre. If you can name it he has probably seen it, twice.

A friend once joked that I have a horror movie for every holiday, and she is right. As a self-declared horror enthusiast, I have a horror film for every occasion and Christmas is no exception. These movies may not be the best you will ever see, but some of them are not the worst either. If you or someone you know is more of a Halloween person than a Christmas person, show them this list to get them in the holiday spirit.


We'll get this one out of the way because it is fresh in everyone's memory. This movie was not the best and it has become even more watered down by the fact that a ton of imitators have flooded the market since it first came out. One of the biggest problems with this movie is that it doesn't know whether it is horror or comedy and the incredibly soft ending doesn't help. None the less you came here for Christmas horror and Krampus is that.

Santa's Slay

This is another movie that is a borderline comedy and even though it is as campy as they come it is somehow quite entertaining. The opening scene is enough to get you to watch as a whole cast of recognizable actors get slaughtered. The most surprising aspect of this movie is that, while the quality isn't the best, the actual plot is not that bad.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

There is not much to say about this '80s slasher. It is a pretty cut and dry '80s horror film with the "twist" being that the killer is wearing a Santa costume complete with a creepy Santa mask. If you appreciate a good old fashion horror flick from the golden age of slashers this is a great holiday movie to watch if you can find it. In case you can't get enough they did make two sequels, each with diminishing quality.

Jack Frost

No, I am not talking about the adorable yet sad Michael Keaton film. This film of the same name is about a mutant snowman with a thirst for murder. It is every bit as terrible as it sounds, but a must-see for those who love campy horror flicks that are so bad they're good. It even spawned a sequel that is so bad that it is just plain bad.

Black Christmas 2006

The reason I chose the remake in this situation is that time definitely did the film industry some good. I love this movie because it is an original story and can actually be scary at times. There are a few turns and some star power which help to move the movie along. This is definitely the goriest movie on the list and one made for only the truest of horror fans.

A Christmas Horror Story

This movie is surprisingly good for a direct to video horror film. It is a compilation of vignettes that center around Christmas time. It, unfortunately, has a Krampus angle, but that is only one part of a whole. Each story is actually quite intriguing and I would venture to say that this 2015 film may be one of the best holiday horror films to date.

What did I Miss?

This is a pretty narrow genre, but there has to be at least one gem that I have overlooked. Let me know which Christmas horror movies I need to see before December 25th.


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Cedric Yong 9 months ago from Singapore

      You got a pretty decent list there. My favourite in it is Silent Night, Deadly Night.

      I also have to say, they do come up with pretty intriguing titles, don't they? :)