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5 Clips That Will Bring Humour Back Into Your Day

Updated on March 27, 2017

The Morning Brain-Addle

We all get it. We go through the perfunctory routines, eating a meal, getting dressed, perhaps brewing a tea - all weekly ritual preparations that preempt our readiness for the work day. It does not matter one iota how much we are invested in our job or like our colleagues or get a thrill out of what we are challenged with daily, quite often we will either start the day or end it in a terrific slump. The body continues, well practiced in this energy-draining protocol, but the spirit is oh so far away, perhaps still encumbered by the effects of sleep. One remedy? Laughter. But the trouble is, if you've been feeling weighted down by your own individual plight, or the endless barrage of tasks, chances are you can't through willpower alone coax yourself into that happy-go-lucky version of yourself that has been a bit absent of late.

Breaking the thought habit

We are, by nature, habitual creatures. If there is something we desire, we will think about it for ages until we acquire it. When an important or career-gambling deadline or meeting comes up, we worry about it for days on end. If there is a problem that presents itself as an obstacle, whether it be mental (deciding what the focus of your assignment is going to be) or physical (just how in Zeus's name shall all I get through that need-to-do pile in my in-tray?). Sometimes, what we need to do is step back and break the cycle of negative thoughts. Consistent practice makes good, and rewires the brain. There are a lot of professionals out there that hawk the 21 day challenge, that it takes that long and constant commitment to change. But where to start? Some people break up their thoughts, disrupting the cycle with music, or with physical activity, perhaps even meditation. Me? Try comedy clips: if you can have a host of video clips archived, bookmarked or saved somewhere for you to access when you feel the mood pulling you down, then great. If not create one! The following are 5 of my favourite, mirth-concocting clips that are guaranteed to put a smile on your dile.

#1: Presented to You by Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy Crying

#2 Racing at You Like a Cougar, its Ricky Bobby!

Don't You Stick that Knife in your Leg

#3 When Bridesmaids Let Loose

Ready to Par-tay

#4 Raptuously Brought to You By the 40 Year Old Virgin

Andy Stitzer Receives an Owie!

#5 Last its Ace Ventura Unleashes the Animal Within

Throw that Spear...I Dare Ya!

Get Your Funny On

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