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5 Of My Favorite Movies

Updated on April 18, 2014
The girls of Now and Then when they were younger.
The girls of Now and Then when they were younger.

Now and Then is a story of four 12-year old girls who make a pact to always be there for each other, no matter what. When one of them is pregnant many years later, they get back together and reminisce on what happened that one summer many years ago.

Christina Ricci - Rosie O'Donnell (young and older Roberta)
Thora Birch - Melanie Griffith (young and older Teeny)
Gaby Hoffmann - Demi Moore (young and older Samantha)
Ashleigh Aston Moore - Rita Wilson (young and older Chrissy)

Lesli Linka Glatter


Violet and Kevin from Coyote Ugly
Violet and Kevin from Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly is about a songwriter from New Jersey trying to make something of herself in New York. She has tremendous stage-fright, and her new boyfriend tries to help her get over her fears and get her songs heard.

Piper Perabo (Violet)
Adam Garcia (Kevin)
John Goodman (Mr. Sanford)
Melanie Lynskey (Gloria)
Maria Bello (Lil)
Izabello Miko (Cammie)
Tyra Banks (Zoe)
Bridget Moynahan (Rachel)

David McNally


Alex and Samantha play a video game at a party.
Alex and Samantha play a video game at a party.

     Grandma's Boy is about a video game tester who is constantly tired at work because his grandma and grandma's roommates work him too hard. Him and his friends try to get a game out on time and need a woman to come in and oversee the project.

Allen Covert (Alex)
Linda Cardellini (Samantha)
Nick Swardson (Jeff)
Doris Roberts (Grandma/Lilly)
Shirley Jones (Grace)
Shirley Knight (Bea)
Peter Dante (Dante)
Joel Moore (J.P.)
Kevin Nealon (Mr. Cheezle)
Jonah Hill (Barry)
Kelvin Yu (Kane)

Nicholaus Goosen


Abby and Mike Chadway from The Ugly Truth
Abby and Mike Chadway from The Ugly Truth

     The Ugly Truth is that men are dogs, and women need to be hot to get a man, according to a new guy at work. The female producer has a much different opinion, and the two can't seem to get along. Or can they?

Katherine Heigl (Abby)
Gerard Butler (Mike Chadway)

Robert Luketic


Dustin turns to Tank and the hairstylist accidentally shaves off his eyebrow.
Dustin turns to Tank and the hairstylist accidentally shaves off his eyebrow.

     My Best Friend's Girl has a title that pretty much gives it away. A man who specializes in giving couples second chances by taking the girl on the worst date of her life, ends up falling for the girl his best friend was trying to win over.

Dane Cook (Tank)
Jason Biggs (Dustin)
Kate Hudson (Alexis)
Lizzy Caplan (Ami)

Howard Deutch


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