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6 Feel-Good Movies For When You're Feeling Down

Updated on December 12, 2018
Gary M Gamble profile image

Founder & Owner of movie website Moviehooker. I am just a guy who dedicates his time to hooking you fine folk up with something to watch.



First released in 2011, The Intouchables is based on a true story of a strong friendship between a rich quadriplegic man and his care worker.

That really doesn't sound like much of a comedy, does it?. But trust me, this film is hilarious and the amazing thing about it is that the comedy is never in your face or seem forced. The acting and chemistry between the two leads also seem so natural - it's obvious Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy had a blast when filming the movie.

This perfect film all wrapped around an amazing soundtrack. What is there not to love?.

An American remake has been on the cards for some time. A trailer was released with the remake starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. If I am being honest, the trailer for the remake didn't impress me at all. I guess if you are not familiar with the original then you may find a lot to enjoy about it. The remake is called The Upside and will release sometime in 2019. I urge you though if you haven't checked this already please watch the original French classic.



This film was recommended to me by a friend (thanks, Chris). Since then, I have been a one-man-army promoting the hell out of it.

As you will soon learn, I am quite a big fan of South Korean cinema. But, it's not very often I would be looking to that side of the world for films that would make me smile or feel good.

As the title suggests, Castaway On The Moon is a South Korea twist on the Tom Hanks classic, Castaway.

The film starts with a man standing at a bridge about to jump as he learns about his crippling and unmanageable debt from a credit card company.

He tells the credit company that they have just made his mind up for him...and he jumps. Moments later, he realises that his suicide attempt was also a failure and he has washed up on a tiny island.

I know the above doesn't sound too funny or "feel good" but it's the events after he jumps that makes the film such a wonder to watch.

He learns to adapt to his surroundings and grabs life by the noodles! Unknown to our lead character, a beautiful young woman is watching his every move from her homemade prison cell. She has confined herself to her bedroom and has become a recluse and will not step outside of her comfort zone.

Fate will bring these two lost souls together.



I am thinking that some of you will argue that Little Miss Sunshine isn't really a feel-good movie. I wholeheartedly disagree, in fact, it's one of the best "feel-good" films out there.

A dysfunctional as fuck family drop everything to try and get their youngest daughter to a national beauty pageant. To this young child, there is nothing more important in the world. The entire family embark on a crazy, hilarious journey guaranteed put a smile on your face.

This family is full of fantastic characters played by an amazing cast including Steve Carell, Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Alan Arkin and Paul Dano.

The ending of Little Miss Sunshine could not have been more perfect. This is a film I would recommend to everyone and one of my all-time favourite American comedies.



Viggo Mortensen gives his best performance in years. Captain Fantastic is a film that should be seen by everyone.

Mortensen plays a father who, bottom-line has an undying love for his children. After the death of his wife, he believes that the children growing up in modern society is poisoning to their health. He moves himself and the kids to the remote wilderness in Pacific Northwest.

Although his methods can sometimes seem strict, unfair or even militant, we always know that he has the kids best interests at heart.

Their lives are completely flipped upside down when they are left with no choice but to move back to the city and adapt to the modern life he spent years trying to keep them from.

The acting in this film is just fantastic, especially from George McKay and Viggo Mortensen.



One of the most talked about French films to ever have hit our screens. Audrey Tautou stars as Amelie, a young Parisian waitress who creates her own worlds for herself and the characters that she meets. Set in the beautiful scenic backdrop of Paris, full of bright visuals, masterful camerawork and cinematography.

And there are so many reasons that this French gem by visionary director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children) works. Amelie spends her time trying to make you feel good, she does this effortlessly and leaves you thinking that there are some people in this world who just want to make people smile. These random acts of kindness, the terrific acting and score will leave you feeling all warm and gooey.



If you have seen Sin City, then you will get an idea of the visuals in Angel-A. Shot in breathtaking black & white this film shows Paris in a different light than what we have seen before in films. You are still gobsmacked at the natural beauty on-screen but there is still an eeriness to it, just a hint of uncertainty.

When Andre is about to end his life by jumping off a bridge he notices a beautiful woman about to do the same. Andre acted on natural instinct and jumped in to save the woman from drowning forgetting that he also was about to take his own life.

The two of them form an alliance and she helps him get out of the trouble that made him want to commit suicide.

Luc Besson proves with Angel-A that he is a master of any genre.


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    • Gary M Gamble profile imageAUTHOR

      George Parker Skipper 

      19 months ago from Back Arse Of Nowhere. Claudy, Co Derry, Ireland

      Wow, I really hope you go and check them all out. You're in for some fantastic feel-good vibes!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      19 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I've not seen any of these films, but they sound good. I'd like to see Amelie.


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