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5 Gangster based shows on Netflix

Updated on August 2, 2016

Top Boy - Trailer

Top Boy

Chronicling the lives of drug dealers DuShane and Sully on the Summerhouse estate in London, this series examines the pressures faced by characters who have to gain respect and power on unforgiving streets as well as the effect their actions have on the community which they occupy. This critically acclaimed drama delves into the psyche of a community rife with crime and examines the ramifications of the acts done by the characters as well as their driving forces. Faced with many problems such as rival gangs, appeasing their higher-ups, as well as feeding the demand of their clients and workers they have to become more serious about their goals. DuShane and Sully have to face up to the consequences of their choices as well as the strain it has on a long standing bond established through their desire to gain respect and notoriety on the mean streets of their estate.

Power - Trailer


This show follows Jamie “Ghost” St.Patrick as he tries to navigate his way through his conflicting states, a life as a drug lord whilst trying to become a legitimate business owner with his partner in crime who is reluctant to become a law-abiding citizen. As well as trying to hold together a marriage with his wife he is left torn when he reunites with the love of his life who now could pose danger to him due to her career path. This show keeps the audience on its toes as it twists and turns as much as Ghost who has to remain agile in order to keep at bay the many forces which seek to destroy what he has built. Whilst he is trying to build bridges away from a life he feels is constraining him from fulfilling his dreams in order to live without the spectre of his past haunting his future.

Liluyhammer - Trailer


We follow the exploits of a former mobster who is in the witness protection program in Norway we follow him as we see an old dog still up to the same tricks. Throughout this drama we watch as Frank Tagliano tries to manoeuvre through culture differences in order to use his “expertise” to create advantageous positions for himself in his new community.

Peaky Blinders - Trailer

Peaky Blinders

This show follows the exploits of the Shelby gang in Birmingham set just after the First World War as they try to establish their operation amongst people who are even more corrupt than themselves. Throughout this program you will be pulled back and forth as the question end justifying the means are shown through the eyes of the gang leader Tommy Shelby as he struggles with trying to maintain his integrity as a man whilst understanding the realities of the world in order to provide stability as well as prosperity for his family. We watch as Tommy tries to gain a respectable status for his family and increasingly comes to realise that the higher up he aspires the more he sees that tunnel away from his past seems to become longer and darker to give his family prosperity and legitimacy.

The Fear - Trailer

The Fear

Set in Brighton we follow a family run gang whose leader must fight off an invading gang whilst struggling with his own demons brought about by a debilitating condition. We watch Richie Beckett as he tries to provide security for his family whilst trying to hold off an ominous threat of both the external and internal kind. Pushed to the brink by his illness whilst trying to maintain the illusion that he is still able to be the person who generated fear in those who have opposed him, he is now vulnerable to the onset of his condition but has to be able to navigate through his problems to ensure the security of his family. Unlike the other shows featured in this article this only has one season.

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