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5 Good Rock Guitar Lick Videos

Updated on June 18, 2013

Start building your rock lick library!

Licks are the building blocks of good solos. They are short melodic phrases that a musician can put together to form larger ideas. They are used in any style of music where improvisation is used. Different styles of music employ different kinds of licks.

Building a vast lick vocabulary is essential to any player who wants to learn how to solo. This hub concerns rock solos in particular. I have compiled here 5 good videos that show and/or teach nice juicy licks that can be used to up your game, or just for the rock fan's enjoyment.

1 -- Using Rock Guitar Licks

Lead guitar explained. This video goes through good ideas about practicing rock licks. The author discusses different licks, how to practice them, basic pentatonic discussion, etc. An entertaining and informative video.

2 -- Charlie Parra's Top Ten Licks

Charlie Parra shows us his 10 favorite rock guitar licks. They include:

  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Slash
  • Micheal Angelo Batio
  • Gary Moore
  • Greg Howe
  • Zakk Wylde
  • Dimebag Darell Abbott
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Eddie Van Halen

While he does not go into detail on how to play the licks, his hands are clearly seen and an intermediate player should be able to figure out most of them.

3 -- Fast Blues Rock Lick Guitar Lesson

Blues Rock Licks

This video includes very good rock blues licks, and the author clearly explains how to perform them. Good instructional video.

4 -- Repeating Licks for Rock and Blues

This video shows in detail different rock and blues licks. Finger patterns are easy to see, and are well explained. While this might be more about blues than rock, he also talks about different soloing concepts like "creating tension" that translate real well into rock solos. For example, he explains how to provoke a "climax" by repeating patterns and playing off of the same idea for a certain amount of time, and then "releasing" the idea into other kinds of licks.

5 -- PUNK vs METAL by Charlie Parra

Punk Rock vs Metal Licks and Rhythm

This one compares licks and rhythm ideas that you will see in punk vs heavy metal music. Again, the focus is not so much about teaching you how to play the licks involved, but rather to show you examples of both of these styles.


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