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5 Great R&B/Pop Songs You May Have Never Heard Before

Updated on January 29, 2014

1.) Miguel - Do You

Miguel's single "Do You" may be fairly popular, but it is definitely not as well know as some of his other hits, such as "Adorn" and "Sure Thing". There is much more to the single than the substance-abusing lyrics that accompany the music. In fact, the mellow, spacy feeling presented provides for a pleasurable listening experience. The creative bassline goes along perfectly with Miguel's melodic voice. By watching the music video we get to experience another side of the song as we get a glimpse of Miguel's personal life with his long time girlfriend Nazanin Mandi, who appears to be the inspiration behind the song.

2.) Chrishan - Feelin' Real Good

Short and to the point, this repetitive song, "Feelin' Real Good" by Chrishan is fun and energetic. Surely it could cheer you up even in the worst of moods! The ironic (and explicit) lines are presented in an eerily happy manor, demonstrating Chrishan's careless attitude about his past as he is "Feelin' Real Good" in the present. As the song is off of his free mixtape "Man of the Year", it cannot be found on Amazon or iTunes. Therefore, here is a link for download (Legally obviously!).

3.) Yasmin Green - Into the Night

This song is best to listen to with a pair of nice headphones as you relax and close your eyes. The harmonious voice is accompanied by a tranquilizing beat, providing for a state of maximum relaxation. Unfortunately, this song cannot be found on Amazon or iTunes, so only the YouTube link is provided below.

4.) Drake - Fall For Your Type

This one is a bit of a long shot; which Drake song isn't popular nowadays? However, this one is not as popular as his others, especially since it is the remake of the version he is featured on by Jaimie Foxx (props to Jaimie Foxx, it is a good song but I just like the solo Drake version better). YouTube seems to be the only source that I can find with the solo Drake version, so I have provided that below. Furthermore, Amazon and iTunes only had the Jaimie Foxx version, so I have provided a link to that as well.

5.) Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya (Acoustic Version)

Who would have known that Outkast's "Hey Ya" had so much substance to it? The daring acoustic version of it is a masterpiece. Matt Weddle (Obadiah Parker is his stage name) shows off with a wonderful set of vocals throughout the song along with a catchy set of acoustic riffs.


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