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5 Heroic People That Your Kids Should Know About

Updated on July 4, 2015

Real-life Superheroes

All of our kids love heroes. Whether that is Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America or other fictional characters, it seems like many of our children are very fascinated by these superheroes. But what about real-life superheroes?

Heroes don't always exist in the wildest fictional fantasies, gliding through the air in red capes. In fact, there are many heroes in our world right now. In many ways, I believe that is very important that we familiarize our kids with at least some of these famous heroic people. These are the 5 heroes in history that your kids should know which may inspire them to make a difference and change the world for the better!


Martin Luther King Jr.

What did he do?

Martin Luther King Jr. is perhaps one of the most important voices in the American History. Well-known for his moving speech, he was famous for overcoming injustice and fighting for equal rights for everyone. His perseverance and his efforts to end segregation laws (a law that prevented black people from entering public places) led to an incredible movement which made the system of rules more fair for all.

Which of his qualities should we copy?

  • Courage - he stood up for himself and other black people
  • Eloquence - he always speaks fluently and persuasively
  • Tact - he only used non-violent resistance to fight injustice


Nelson Mandela

What did he do?

He became the first black president of South Africa in 1994. He was imprisoned for 27 years after trying to overthrow the pro-apartheid government in 1962. Nelson Mandela was known for fighting and standing up against bad government and racial prejudice and discrimination. He worked extremely hard with the ultimate goal of achieving human rights and a more peaceful future for the population of South Africa.

Which of his qualities should we copy?

  • Commitment - he worked extremely hard and productively
  • Perseverance - he never gave up, even after he got jailed
  • Vision - he was good at seeing things from the bigger picture


Abraham Lincoln

What did he do?

He was the 16th president of the USA, as well as a civil rights activist and a representative of the United States. He is often regarded as the world's greatest hero because he has completely transformed the USA to the great nation it is today. During his lifetime, he has saved the Union during the US civil war and abolished slavery for the better. His great leadership roles and his personality and his eloquent speeches made him a well-remembered president in the heart of his citizens.

Which of his qualities should we copy?

  • Open-mindedness - he always listened to other points of view
  • Reflection - he learned from his mistakes and moved on
  • Gratitude - he shares credit for success with those involved


Mother Teresa

What did she do?

She did a variety of charitable work all over the globe to improve the lives of those in need. She was known for making the world a much better place in many parts of the world. She was a successful humanitarian and she devoted her entire life to helping people who were poor, sick and helpless. She started by helping the people in poverty in India, then continued to build her own charity to help others in need.

Which of her qualities should we copy?

  • Selflessness - she sacrificed her own time to help those in need
  • Compassion - she was concerned about the sufferings of others
  • Loyalty - she was always loyal to everyone she helped


Mahatma Gandhi

What did he do?

He was famous for being a civil rights activist and a major leader of India. Famous for his spiritual philosophy of truth and non-violence, he has experienced racial discrimination and prejudice throughout his life. He led many movements in India which ultimately reached his goal of stopping prejudice, racism and violence in many parts of the world. He wanted peace and freedom for everyone all over the world.

Which of his qualities should we copy?

  • Peace - he always dealt with things in a peaceful manner
  • Faith - he believed in himself that he could make a difference
  • Forgiveness - he even forgave the people who were racist towards him

Who on this list is the greatest hero?

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There we have it - the 5 greatest, most inspirational and charitable heroes. Some are humanitarians, some are leaders and some are optimists. Heroes come in all types of forms.

The list does not end here - there are many more heroes all over the planet, making a large difference, regardless of how small or large that difference may be. It is not hard to be a hero. The biggest difference always starts with the smallest spark of inspiration. Perhaps if you try - you can be a hero too!


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