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5 Japanese Anime You Should Watch

Updated on June 2, 2013
Japanese animation or simply called anime.
Japanese animation or simply called anime.

I would like to say...

I have been watching Japanese animation for more than 10 years now. What I like about these type of animation is that it always have a unique storyline. Some of them have a very unpredictable ending which you will never see it coming as the story goes by. The sense of humor injected on comedy-themed anime is easy to relate to and the way they use or draw a symbol signifying an emotion is incredible.

Without further ado I would like to share to you the top 5 anime that I'll recommend for you to watch:

Protagonist Sakura
Protagonist Sakura


The story is about a young girl who had accidentally released magical cards from its box causing some weird events taking place within the surrounding area. Each cards have different powers ranging from the four elements to even emotions like love and actions like dash and change. This anime has a mixture of action, young love, friendship and comedy that will surely capture your hearts.

Vision of Escaflowne
Vision of Escaflowne


This is not your typical robot-themed animation. Vision of Escaflowne have a good storyline which doesn't have a typical ending where the boy and girl lives happily ever after. It has a good ending though despite of its unusual scenario where both boy and girl lives in different planet and can't be together. Aside from the plot of the story, the songs used in this series is A-mazing. Most of them are orchestra but it definitely added something to the whole watching experience.

Gatekeepers in action!
Gatekeepers in action!


A group of high school students teamed up to protect the earth. each students possess different powers or skills like archery, music that can change the surroundings and destroy negative things coming, power and strength and etc. Aside from saving the earth, these high school students are also busy figuring out their feelings and confidence towards each other and their self. This also has some comedic parts on it but it's more on action and drama.

Mojacko and his siblings befriended human kids
Mojacko and his siblings befriended human kids


Mojacko is a very unique name. That's because this round, huggable cute creature is from outer space. Together with his bestfriend which happens to be a robot and his siblings, they found that they can also have human friends who can help them survive in the planet called Earth while attempting to keep peace and avoid the evil plans of their mortal enemy which is also came from their planet.

Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke


and last but not the least.... is an anime that doesn't have any creatures, magical powers involved. This is simply an anime about a high school students Sunako and Kazehaya. These two have a completely different attitude and popularity level but somehow finds themselves falling in love to each other. A typical love story that has some challenges in between. For the romantics, this a a must watch anime for you.

That wraps up my current top 5 list. There are still a lot of great Japanese animations you can search and watch. If you're into anime, comment here and share the top five anime you want others to watch as well.


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