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5 Junk Food Addicts from TLC's Freaky Eaters

Updated on February 4, 2018
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I like writing about food, sports, personal finance, the stock market, reality TV, cartoons, comics, collectible card games and video games.

Eric (Addicted to French Fries)

Eric loves French fries so much that he even blogs about it.
Eric loves French fries so much that he even blogs about it.

Eric (Addicted to French Fries)

Eric was an avid skateboarder who was addicted to French fries. He was so fond of them that he would eat nothing but fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Heck, he would even blog about it.Eric's whole identity revolved around being the "French fry guy."

Eric's addiction to French fries was getting out of hand. He would eat 1.5 lbs of fries in a single day which amounted to a staggering 1,600 potatoes in a year. While Eric is in no way fat due to his active lifestyle as a skater, he is not exactly in the pink of health either. His homocysteine levels are through the roof at the high

50's whereas the "healthy" level is 7 or below.High homocysteine levels have a correlation to blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. At the age of 29, Eric already had heart disease.

One of the show's favorite tactics is to use shock therapy in order for the freaky eater to realize the gravity of their addiction. In this case, J.J. and Mike bring Eric to a warehouse where they show him the amount of fat he is putting in his body as well as the sheer amount of fries he is eating. Eric eats so many fries that it took a forklift to carry the containers of cooked fries that J.J. and Mike intended to show Eric. Eric also dipped his arm in the vat full of grease that represented the amount of grease he consumed in a year.

It was later found out through a test strip that Eric was a supertaster. Supertasters have more taste buds than normal and are more sensitive to taste. Thus this makes them less likely to try new foods. This condition also made Eric not able to feed his toddler Maximus as he detested the smell of baby food.

J.J. encouraged him to try new foods which were close to the flavor profile and crunch of French fries such as pretzels and pita chips. Eric lacked protein in his diet so she encouraged him to try almond butter. Eric was open to improving his situation but was not confident he would be able to change.

Eric was alarmed to learn about his health situation and wanted to be around for his fiance Ann and the kids. He then tried his best through the duration of the show to try things he would never have tried such as bell peppers and pizzas. In the end, Eric made a lot of progress and now seldom eats fries and has even learned to feed his son Maximus.

Eric (Addicted to French Fries)

Josh (Addicted to Pizza)

Move over Ninja Turtles! Josh eats 1,800 pounds of pizza in a single year!
Move over Ninja Turtles! Josh eats 1,800 pounds of pizza in a single year!

Josh (Addicted to Pizza)

Pizza is one of the most popular foods among young people along with burgers, hotdogs and fried chicken. Cartoon characters who loved pizza such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Garfield and the Simpsons have further
popularized the Italian dish. While it may be okay to scarf on some slices occasionally, it is not the most healthy food in the world and eating it every meal of ever day would eventually kill you.

Before the third grade, Josh ate a normal diet just like you and me but when Josh got his first allowance, he started to get hooked on pizza. He would even fondly recall that on Fridays after the second bell has rung, the cafeteria lady gave him an extra slice. The last time Josh ate vegetables was back in the fifth grade when his mom forced him to.

Josh ate a staggering 320 slices of pizza in a day and 469 whole pizzas in a year. Now, eating one and a third pizzas in a day may not exactly be a superhuman feat for a lot of people. This is however extraordinary due to the frequency of Josh doing it.

Pizzas are bad because of the highly processed flour, sauce, meat and cheese commonly used as ingredients. These foods are highly processed that strips them of nutrients and are full of additives that are not exactly healthy for you.

Josh was actually an elite athlete in college and was even an MVP. This helped him remain fit despite his pizza addiction. Due to his pizza addiction, he began to have a toxic response to pizza and had massive headaches and nausea.

Donald Trump's idea of a wall to keep out illegal immigrants is a highly controversial topic. TLC then decided to build their own wall by stacking up 469 pizza boxes into a wall to show Josh the gravity of the situation.

J.J. also came up with the idea of showing Josh how much fat is in the pizzas. This fat was the most awful kind of fat possible - saturated fat and trans-fat. The fat amounted to 80 lbs. and was placed in five transparent jars. Mike then instructs Josh to empty the jars of fat into a vat.Mike then asks Josh to carry the vat of fat for as long as he can and drop it once he can no longer carry it.

J.J. then encourages Josh to try other foods. Josh then begins to experiment with other foods. He even eats vegetables.

The final scene shows Josh and his family eating out. Josh's brother wanted to test him by ordering a Margherita pizza. Josh does not give in to his demons and conquers his addiction.Josh now runs two miles a day and is soon returning to volleyball. He also now rarely eats pizza and has his attention on other foods instead.

Victor (Addicted to Cheeseburgers)

Victor is flabbergasted to see his yearly cheeseburger consumption.
Victor is flabbergasted to see his yearly cheeseburger consumption.

Victor (Addicted to Cheeseburgers)

While hamburger addicts are depicted in popular culture as a Wimpy or a Jughead Jones, real life is a bit more serious than that. The worst things that have happened to Wimpy is indebtedness and a potbelly. As for Jughead, the worst thing that has happened to him was a huge tab at Pop Tate's. Jughead was not even fat at all.

Victor was a huge cheeseburger addict since the age of five. He would eat nothing else. His mother Daniella did not help matters by giving in to her son's addiction and preparing nothing but cheeseburgers three times a day. Victor wanted his burgers simple and without any frills. He feels violated if his burger contained lettuce, tomato or onions.

Victor's wife of more than a decade, Adriana, is quite the opposite. She was planning to go to culinary school and tried to always cook healthy nutritional meals for her family. In fact, Adriana planned on going to culinary school. Victor, however, did not appreciate Adriana's cooking and set a bad example for his kids by eating

Victor kept his cheeseburger addiction from his wife. His wife thought he only had a handful of burgers a week but he was gorging 4 burgers a day, 28 burgers a week and nearly 1,500 in a year.While the prospect of eating that many burgers may sound mouthwatering, it is absolutely not healthy. That many burgers contain 88 lbs. of fat and 1.3 million milligrams of sodium.

The effects of this bad diet soon caught up to Victor. He is now a 260 lb. diabetec who now relied on maintenance drugs. He also does not have the stamina to spend quality time with his family. He cannot even play with his kids and spends the time lying down. Adriana is sick and tired of Victor's bad habits and is implying she is thinking of leaving him.

J.J. shows Victor the gravity of the situation. She brought a truck full of cheeseburgers to show Victor how many he has been eating. She opens the backdoor of the trucks and a ton of paper boxes with cheeseburgers in them pop out and spill over. Victor says this represented his cheeseburger consumption for five years but J.J. said it was for only one year.

Victor then realizes that he needed to change his lifestyle fast as he could lose his marriage and his life due to his addiction. J.J. decides to work with Victor and asks him to taste some healthier burger choices. He does not like the new burgers but settles on a turkey burger.

He resists eating cheeseburgers for a week and goes fishing to celebrate. He likes the burgers served in fishing boats and eats a granola bar while everyone else orders a burger. He catches a bass and brings it home.The family has a barbecue and he gives the bass to his wife for her to cook. He then partakes of his wife's cooking instead of downing a cheeseburger.

He has since lost weight and has done a good job of avoiding cheeseburgers.

Victor (Addicted to Cheeseburgers)

Amy (Addicted to Cola)

Amy does not seemed to be fazed by the stacked boxes of cola.
Amy does not seemed to be fazed by the stacked boxes of cola.

Amy (Addicted to Cola)

There is no doubt a lot of people like the taste of cola. The soft drink industry is big business that is worth $80.6 billion.

The reason the soft drink industry is so large is because soft drinks are available everywhere from fast food chains to vending machines to supermarkets. Furthermore, a lot of people like the taste of soft drinks.

While there is nothing wrong with drinking soft drinks occasionally, drinking it everyday can have detrimental side effects. This is especially true for colas. Colas contain phosphoric acid which destroy bones and teeth. They also contain caffeine which cause palpitations and heart problems.

Amy should know better as she is a surgical technician. However, she is in the state of denial. She does not acknowledge she has a problem. She drinks 30 cans of cola a day which runs up to 10,000 cans a year and sees no problem with it. Her cola consumption alone is twice the recommended calorie intake for a normal person. Amy may not have done the math but she drinks 1,000 gallons of cola in a year.

Amy got her first taste of cola as a five year old child when her family migrated from Russia. She and her family ate out at a fast food restaurant. Ever since, Amy has been hooked on colas and her addiction has just grown worse ever since. Sadly, her family basically enabled that behavior.

Mike and J.J. tried their best to help Amy overcome her addiction. They showed her 37 cases of cola stacked on top of each other - Amy's monthly cola consumption. They also show her a pile of sugar sacks which is the sugar she consumes in a year. They also encouraged her to throw her cola away. She also is witness to her family throwing out her cola into the kitchen sink. Mike encourages Amy to throw out even at least one cola down the drain but she refuses.

J.J. tries to find Amy a sweet and healthier substitute for colas - smoothies. While many people pay top dollar for a cup of Jamba Juice, Amy seems to be repulsed at the smoothie. J.J. shows Amy the result of her blood test and says she is pre-diabetic so switching to a smoothie is a good way to go.

J.J. and Mike leave Amy with a mere 58 cans of cola to ration for an entire week. Amy quickly goes through almost half of it in one day. She soon runs out of cola and has to go to the grocery to replenish her stocks.

In the end, Amy never acknowledges her problem and shows very little willpower to effect any change. J.J. and Mike tried their best but they can't succeed every time.

Amy (Addicted to Cola)

Kimberley (Addicted to Ice Cream Bars)

Kimberley drowns her sorrows with an ice cream bar.
Kimberley drowns her sorrows with an ice cream bar.

Kimberley (Addicted to Ice Cream Bars)

Ice cream is a popular desert that contributes $39 billion to the economy. The average American consumes 23 lbs. of the stuff in a year.

Kimberley is no different from the average American and consumes a healthy amount of ice cream. what is different however, is that she consumes up to 40 bars a day and up to 10,000 a year. Her daily consumption is what many people would eat in a year.

Kimberley has had weight issues all her life. She had gastric bypass surgery which helped her lose weight. She kept the weight down until her divorce which left her devastated. She then found solace is ice cream bars and this has been her coping mechanism ever since.

J.J. and Mike ambush Kimberley in the grocery and she was caught red-handed with the merchandise. She went to the grocery to stock up with several day's supply.

J.J. and Mike then try several tactics to help Kimberley. They drive an ice cream truck and at the back was a block of ice and frozen inside it was a picture of Kimberley and her kids. Kimberley then smashes the block of ice and picks up the picture. They then lead her along a trail of 9,996 ice cream sticks to show her the magnitude of the problem. The sticks were 1,200 yards long.At the end of the trail was a wall of ice cream boxes which comprised of 1500 ice cream bars which represented 2 months worth of consumption. Behind the wall was her son
Drew, who offered her support.

J.J. then introduces Kimberley to healthier eating choices such as pilafs and turkey burgers. She also gets a big garbage bag and helps Kimberley dispose of all of her ice cream.She also introduces her to a support group of gastric bypass patients to help support her.

While Kimberley has not totally quit ice cream bars, she now only eats a handful a week - a far cry from the dozens she used to eat per day.

Kimberley (Addicted to Ice Cream Bars)

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