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5 Most Underrated Shows

Updated on November 23, 2016


I think supernatural is underrated because people try to just start watching it. This show has been on for 10 years and is going into its 11th season. It has to be watched from the beginning because there is a backstory to almost every episode. Trust me you will not be disappointed with this show!

Hollywood Hillbillies

Okay so this is a reality show, but it is so dang funny. Plus I don't know about you but I would rather watch hillbillies then a bunch of millionaires acting like idiots…….(cough…Kardashians)

The Goldbergs

This show is so funny, and they are true stories from the life of actor Adam Goldberg. It talks about the hilarity and struggles of growing up in the 1980s.

The New Adventures Of Old Christine

So this show isn't on anymore but I still love to go back and watch the reruns of it. It is so funny and every character is great.

Bates Motel

This show is definitely not for the faint of heart and has some questionable content. But overall it is such a great show and always has amazing cliffhangers that make you want to come back for more. I would recommend giving it a try.


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