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5 Popular Myths about Steve Jobs you thought were True

Updated on March 29, 2014

Steve Jobs, as a businessman was probably the only personnel that received celebrity status. Having dropped out of college and earning National Medal of Technology, the road to Jobs was something unique. He developed Apple and always consciously tried to keep personal and professional matters in secrecy.

As a person, he was difficult to deal with and as a boss he was very demanding. He also experienced Indian spirituality on his visit to India and it is said that his experience helped him sharpen his sense of design.

However with such a prolific and secretive career, people general tried to assume various stories pertaining to him. But they are not at all true and that’s why they are at times considered a myth.

Following is a brief insight on some common myths usually associated with the founder of Apple:

Barcode in Jobs car

Back in those times when Jobs used to travel by a Mercedes, some blogger posted, Jobs used barcode at the back of his car instead of number plate. The rumor went such the barcode help cops to identify Jobs car when speeding. Another rumor said Jobs left his number plate to avoid getting caught by police. But unfortunately they are all miles beyond truth! The fact is, every Mercedes vehicle does have bar code at the name plate and that’s the serial number!

Steve Jobs Vowed Not To Re-Visit Japan

Once Jobs spent his vacation in Kyoto, Japan. Rumor has it, that one way to return by his private jet, he was detained by airport security for carrying ninja stars. After a lot of conundrum, he vowed not to return Nippon again for this indecent act. But that’s again proved to be as a myth when one Apple official stated clearly that the CEO had a wonderful time and would like to visit the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ again.

Steve Jobs Used to Harass His Employees

As a perfectionist and a hard-core professional, Jobs used to treat his employee in a fluctuating manner. He used to shower praise if one thing goes according his thought. And that same person may get seriously rebuked one day if things went wrong. He followed aggressive policies to control his employees. But his harassment to his personnel was not correct. He may have used an approach which may not prove justifiable by some, but overall his employees mentioned working with him was indeed pleasant.


Jobs Used to Wear Same Dresses Everyday

He is one such CEO who used to wear simple outfit and which actually created a rumor of Jobs wearing similar type of dresses all the time. However, that was again proved wrong as Jobs was often cited wearing tuxedos or suit, as and where appropriate.

Steve Jobs Used to receive $1 salary

In the year 1997, when Jobs stepped down from his position as CEO, he accepted $1 as a salary. Though this factor was nothing new since Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google also used to draw similar salary. The fact is, paying performance awards and stock instead of hi-paying salaries was a practice followed to retain employees for long-term. And that’s how the story took turn in the form of a baseless myth.


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