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5 Really Great Feel-Good Internet Videos

Updated on March 3, 2012

With all the videos on the Internet today, it's fun to run across those rare video gems that are outstanding in some way. This particular collection of 5 videos is a "feel-good" collection. Funny, heart-warming and awe-inspiring, it's a collection that will lift your spirits and give you a warm, fuzzy, feel-good experience.

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

This has to be my favorite "underdog makes good" video. Susan Boyle was 47, single, and unemployed when she appeared on 2009's Britain's Got Talent. When she walked out on stage, the judges raised their eyebrows and rolled their eyes at the frumpy contestant with the cheeky attitude standing before them. The audience squirmed and tittered, sure that they were about to witness an embarrassing performance. That all changed with the first few notes. Take a look at when the world first discovered Susan Boyle...

Even though Susan did not win the competition (she came in second place to a dance troupe), she was catapulted to stardom. Since her appearance, she has released several albums, has gone on tour, and has given many performances. She definitely scored an amazing victory for anyone who has dared to dream a dream

You can read more about Susan Boyle on her website or on Wikipedia.

Chris Bliss and His Amazing Juggling Finale

What do you do with a degree in comparative literature? Well, if you're Chris Bliss, you become a wildly successful professional juggler/comedian! Chris has been performing his unique style of juggling for many years. Where many jugglers go for quantity (how many items can be juggled at once), Chris's approach has been quality - he uses just 3 balls, but choreographs an intricate routine set to popular music. While he's been a successful performer for quite a while (he was the opening act for Michael Jackson's 1984 Victory Tour), it wasn't until his "Juggling Finale" video went viral in 2006, that he enjoyed widespread fame.

Take a look at the video, which shows Chris juggling 3 balls to a medley of Beatles' songs. His awe-inspiring performance is...well, sheer bliss!

You can read more about Chris Bliss at his website or on Wikipedia.

Judson Laipply's Evolution of Dance

If you haven't yet seen Judson Laipply's "Evolution of Dance" video yet, you may be one of the few people on the planet who haven't. This clip has been viewed almost 200 million times on YouTube, and is the top rated video as well.

His formula is simple - put together a montage of dance moves set to a medley of songs spanning from 1956-2004. The performance includes snippets of 32 different songs, set pretty much in chronological order. Judson's enthusiastic performance of the dances associated with each song is pretty hysterical! Enjoy the "Evolution of Dance"!

Judson has followed up this clip with "Evolution of Dance 2" and has announced plans for a 3rd follow-up performance.

Judson refers to himself as an inspirational comedian. Read more about him at his web site and on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia entry also has a nice list of all the songs in "Evolution of Dance", along with the songs' artists.

Christian the Lion

The bond between animals and humans can be pretty amazing, and the story of Christian the Lion is an example of just such an amazing bond. In 1969, two young men named John Rendall and Ace Bourke purchased a pitiful-looking lion cub from Harrod's department store in London.

After about a year of caring for the growing young lion, it became apparent to John and Ace that Christian needed bigger facilities. They arranged to reintroduce him to the wild with the help of George Adamson, a conservationist in Kenya and the same Adamson associated with the lions in "Born Free".

A year after George released Christian, John and Ace returned to Kenya to see if they could visit their old friend. They were told that he most likely would not remember them. Get our your hankies and watch what happened at their reunion...

John and Ace wrote a book about their experiences, "A Lion Called Christian", which you can read about at their website. There are some superb pictures in their website's gallery. There were also two documentaries made about Christian's life, "The Lion From World's End" and "Christian the Lion", and there is some nice information on the Born Free Foundation website.

Baby Laughing Hysterically

And to wrap up my collection of really great, feel-good Internet videos, there is Micah the baby, who is laughing hysterically over his father ripping up a job rejection letter. This isn't the first video I've seen of a baby uncontrollably laughing over ripping paper - there is just something about it that really tickles them! If this video clip doesn't at least make you smile, it may mean that you don't have a funny bone in your body!

Apparently Micah is a pretty happy baby. He has his own YouTube channel called BruBearBaby, with many clips of him laughing hysterically.

Keep on Feeling Good!

I hope you've enjoyed this collection of feel-good videos. Bookmark this hub and come back to visit when you need a pick-me-up!

Did you have a favorite? If so, vote in the poll below!

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    • Donna Huebsch profile image

      Donna Fairley Huebsch 6 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I always get a big lump in my throat watching the Christian the Lion video - it's just so sweet and touching that he remembered them! I haven't heard of Matt on YouTube, but I'll have to check him out - I love feel-good videos :o)

    • lisa42 profile image

      lisa42 6 years ago from Sacramento

      I love the Christian the Lion video. Definitely a feel good video! Some of my favorite feel-good videos on YouTube are the Where the Hell is Matt? videos. You can't help but smile as this guy dances badly all over the world. Whenever I need something to cheer me up, I watch Matt doing his silly dance.