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5 Reasons I Never Make New Year's Resolutions

Updated on January 1, 2012
This is the first year I haven't been in Oklahoma City to see the Flaming Lips on New Years Eve since 2007/2008.
This is the first year I haven't been in Oklahoma City to see the Flaming Lips on New Years Eve since 2007/2008. | Source

I am perfect. Doubt it, just ask me.

For some reason the flipping of a calendar page never made me yearn to change anything. I've also never been a smoker, drinker, or drug addict. My metabolism works ok, I don't gamble, and I'm fair-to-middlin' honest.

It's not that I don't understand the need to stop spray tanning and robbing banks while smoking some crack-meth-heroin combination. I've known people who totally needed to make some major changes; one of my coworkers would be a lot easier to deal with if they learned to tell the truth.

1) I'm a lazy over-achiever. I do what needs to be done. I try and do it to the best of my ability because I don't want to do it twice. I assume workloads that aren't my own if I think it will aid my functioning in the future. I'm currently re-writing part of my company's training materials because I just had to train someone for another store and realized how outdated some of the stuff was. In the long run, it's easier to fix it now than to edit it as I train the next person.

2) I have a libertarian outlook. As long as what you do doesn't affect me adversely (say that 5 times fast), I don't care. The other side of that coin is that I try to keep my activities within a realm of being acceptable. If I have a party, I invite all the neighbors. I don't want them irritated by the noise. If your vices don't have any impact on my life and mine on yours, what does it matter?

3) I try to fix problems as they come up. When I was told I had high cholesterol, I didn't wait until December 31st to change my eating habits. I may procrastinate with the best of them, but I fix what has to be fixed. One of my recent hubs is about realizing we have too many cats. Are we going to throw them out into the cold? No, but we're sure not going to go grab any strays to add to the collection.

4) I've always been rather conservative. Not politically, but socially and economically. I never went out and partied hard and developed a host of horrible vices and/or contracted diseases that don't go away. I took it easy, moved slowly, and have remained on an even keel. I'm happy, healthy, and as well adjusted as anyone can be in this insane world.

5) A calendar date doesn't make any difference. If you've been good in 2011, you'll be good in 2012. If you were an evil, murderous cretin, it's not going to change overnight. The things I have changed in my life have taken time. I used to have an extremely short temper. Years of owning an arcade and working with kids mellowed me. I didn't start out with that as a goal, it just happened along the way.

Look, I'm not saying you shouldn't have goals. My being on Hubpages is a recognition that I have been lazy and haven't been writing much lately. I used to write two monthly columns on the arcade business a month for a couple of different magazines. I got used to sitting down and writing quickly and efficiently. Since August 2009 (when I closed my arcade), I've been sitting around saying, "I need to finish my book." I still do. I recognize that and have gotten my ducks lined up so I can jump on it soon. Maybe tomorrow, but it has nothing to do with it being 2012 or January 1st or anything other than the time has come/to say fair's fair/to pay the rent now/to pay our share. That's me channeling some Midnight Oil from my youth (if you suddenly got confused).

Happy New Year and such!

PS My wife just said, "People are going to hate this, it's you saying, 'Look at me, I'm awesome.'" That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is don't feel pressured to come up with something to change in your life if you think you're doing ok! And don't wait for an excuse to wait before making the needed changes.


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      My reason for not making New Year's Resolutions is that I'm just plain lazy ;) Happy New Year -- voting this Up and Interesting.

    • DougBerry profile image

      DougBerry 5 years ago from Abilene, TX

      I resemble that remark. But I didn't think, "I don't make New Year's Resolutions 'cause I'm Bone Idle," would have taken long to write.

    • Eranofu profile image

      Eranofu 5 years ago from Europe

      I agree with both you and your wife. A bit more with your wife though. :P But only a bit.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Great hub and I like # 5. This is true in so many ways. Thanks for writing this. Enjoyed it and rated up!


    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

      Voted UP and INTERESTING. Tell your wife I think you hit the nail on the proverbial head and no, I do not hate this at all. Your best line (IMO) is "I try and do it to the best of my ability because I don't want to do it twice." Agreed!

    • ChasingAutumn profile image

      ChasingAutumn 5 years ago from Machesney Park, Illinois

      Tell your wife I loved it (even before the disclaimer at the end)

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      Well I should of read your hub before I made my New Years Resolution.I sometimes feel in life you need something to push you beyond all your previous limits.To pull out all the stops.It is to easy to do the right thing and settle for that.I am a hard worker and have not been a party person either.I have not jumped off the deep end but I also haven't experienced the best I wanted to see.I am always just a little out of reach but gaining momentum to a new goal.I admire someone who puts the time and effort into work and does it best of their ablity and with a sense of humor not to do it twice.How far can we reach before something is ours?How to make a dream reality?I know it doesn't happen overnight but it should not take years our a lifetime to aquire what you like.

    • DougBerry profile image

      DougBerry 5 years ago from Abilene, TX

      My wife always claims that I'm hard to understand because I'm such an optimist. I don't see myself that way. You do what you have to do to move forward.

      It took me years to understand a friend of mine who worked what appeared to be pointless (in terms of advancement) jobs. When I got a little older, I figured it out: his needs were only so great. A job that met his basic needs, plus some, that allowed him to live his life outside of work, and didn't give him ulcers was all he wanted.

      While I'm never quite happy with that--I have to push at the boundaries--I've come quite close to it. I finally recognized that I didn't want the next rung on the ladder that was in front of me at work. I may not like the way the entire place is being run, but I also don't want to work 50 hours + a week and sacrifice every weekend for the rest of my life. Nope. My office may be the size of a closet, but no one shares it with me and I move at my pace doing what I need to do.

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