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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Avatar: The Last Airbender” ASAP

Updated on June 1, 2017

“Avatar: The Last Airbender”, or “Avatar” for short, is a cartoon show which aired on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2006. Set in a world where people have the ability to bend either water, earth, fire, or air, the plot follows the protagonist, Avatar Aang, and his adventure to stop the Fire lord Ozai, thus ending the Hundred Year War.

This show may be the best cartoon I have ever watched, and rightfully so. Here are the reasons why:

1. The Setting

The show is set in a world where people can blend water, air, earth, and fire, ‘nuph said. That alone could count as a reason to watch this show! The Avatar’s world is so creatively and carefully crafted, filled with unique animals, plants, spirits, and terrain. One particular feature which draws people in is the intriguing designs of the spirits filling the world, with the mythologies behind them making them feel all the more complete. The setting is extremely well polished and complete, that it feels like an actual world, or an alternate universe which really exist, making it a fantastic setting for adults and kids alike.

2. The Plot

The plot of Avatar is extremely cohesive throughout, and it contains plenty of backstories, together with recurring small characters. What makes this plot so great is that it successfully mixes complexity and simplicity. The main goal of the entire story is simple: defeat Fire Lord Ozai; yet there is enough backstories and flashbacks to fill a historical textbook. There are also enough humor and side quests to keep the viewers entertained and excited, without the main story line being affected, making it’s plot one of the most interesting I have seen amongst cartons.

3. The Characters

There are so many characters in this show, and all of them are entertaining, even the cabbage guy who has only one line: “MY CABBAGES!”. The characters spark of individuality, and they all have an unique personality, from peaceful Aang, responsible Katara, to food-loving Sokka, just to list a few. It is simply phenomenal to see the characters develop and their relationships evolve as the series stretch on. We get to know a little bit more of them every episode, and we can see the changes in them as well, with the most famous example being Prince Zuko. Prince Zuko did a 180 degree change on his attitude towards Aang, with his goal changing from capturing Aang to helping his quest. The fact that we can see Zuko’s attitude change bit by bit through the circumstances he experienced, and not just a sudden flip flop to the other side is a testimony to the show’s amazing character development.

4. The Animation

Animation is key to any good cartoon show. The animation in the Avatar is extremely smooth and the battle scenes are simply epic. I believe anyone who had watched 3 minutes of the show wold agree with me that the animation is fantastic. In fact, one has to see to believe. This is what I take to be the best fighting scene in the series.

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5. The Values

Being a kid’s show, the Avatar promotes good values. The series discusses many important things such as virtue, responsibility, courage, standing up for one’s belief, and the power of friendship. The general positivity in the show is amazing, with the Aang and his friends constantly going out of their way to help others, or do good deeds. The good thing about this show is that it doesn’t get too “preachy” regarding these traits, but rather slides them in using the show’s characters, incidents, or even by mythology. Their subtlety really helps kids accept these values easily, and does not make the show seem like a educational program.

So after reading all that, why are you still here? Go watch Avatar right now! If you have already watched the series, I strongly recommend you to read the comic sequel, which are available in book stores or the Dark Horse digital store. I really love the Avatar and it has made my childhood awesome, and I hope it can or has made a part of your life better too.


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    • nipster profile image

      nipster 6 months ago

      I've never been one to watch this show but, man!!! That is some great animation. I also love a good cartoon that teaches about character