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Biggest 3 Reasons the Music Industry is Failing

Updated on April 7, 2018
Shaqiyah Anderson profile image

Sinner, Songwriter, And Singer. I'm no professional writer, just a teenager who is searching for her identity. If you find it, GIVE IT TO ME

Everyone listens to music. It is practically everywhere! The gym, the cafe, weddings, cookouts. Honestly, imagine a party without some good tunes. Exactly, what a terrible party. So if everyone around the globe listens to music then why is the industry as a whole FAILING?

1) Streaming Services. (Ex: Pandora, Apple Music)

Truth: Very few people own CDs anymore. Remember the old days when we all had that pouch of CDs sitting in our cars? Now we depend on aux cords and a variety of streaming services. Streaming services like Napster first got introduced in the 90's. The value of music meant nothing because of everyone pirating, being able to get music basically free of charge. Although streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify aren't exactly taking artist's music, when you look deeper into these streaming services, you sort of start to think so. Artists who sell their music through these services get paid anywhere from $0.006 and $0.0084. Which sounds a bit sketchy seeing as though these streaming services consumers pay $5 to 15.00 a month to use.

2) CRAZY Recording Contracts

Artists get paid a percentage of every album that's sold, which is known as royalty. In order for your album to be a major hit, and you get a good percentage of your album, your music has to be pretty amazing. So amazing that you only have a 1 in 5 chance for you album to even go at least gold or to go platinum. Retail and wholesale prices make a HUGE difference in how much you get paid as well. Signing a recording contract can make or break or you. Usually, it's breaking artists, like Kesha, who has been through numerous hiccups with recording companies, hence her long break in music. Signing a record deal requires a lot of thinking! Artists like Russ believe that there is no need for them. He writes, records, and performs his own music all without a record deal.

3) Terrible Treatment of Artists

In every industry, of course, there are many unfair factors that come along. Whether it's dancing, modeling, acting, or even music. Artists have to be incredibly strong to deal with altercations with management. When artists first start making music, they may already have their image set. Their image may reflect their personal values, what music they want to make, their name, the way they dress, etc. When getting a manager though, often times they want to alter their image. Most time their changes go against the artist's morals and causes so much conflict with management. This is just one minor example in the manager vs artist contradictory.

Most people don't realize how frightening the music industry really is. Have you ever took note of the misfortunes of the music industry? What do you think it will be like in the next 5 years from now? Ten years? Comment!

As always, thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      Michael Quinn 

      8 months ago

      No one knows how to write a good song anymore. Songs should tell a story of something that happens in your life, with feelings about someone or something others can relate to not just repeating the same thing over and over again.


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