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5 Shark Tank Epic Fails

Updated on March 22, 2020
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Esso Watches

Ryan Naylor talks about the health benefits of Esso Watches.
Ryan Naylor talks about the health benefits of Esso Watches.

Esso Watches

Negative ions have a lot of health benefits such as being a natural anti-depressant,neutralizing viruses and bacteria, decreasing blood pressure and helping you get a more restful sleep.

While there isn't much of a dispute as to the benefits of negative ions, there is muchdispute as to the benefits of Esso Watches. Esso Watchess are a variation of the popular Power Balance wristbands which promise the wearer health benefits. Naylor claims that the watches are infused with negative ions and that they help promote health benefits and help with your balance. He even had Lori try to balance herself while wearing the watch to prove his point.

Mark Cuban minces no words and calls out Esso watches as a scam.He simply sees no scientific basis for what Ryan Naylor claimed. Daymond John later accuses Naylor of stealing Rumba Time's designs. Rumba Time is owned by Daymond John.

With billionaire Mark Cuban and fashion magnate Daymond John being staunch detractors of Esso Watches, the pitch soon falls apart. Naylor was simply taking too much punishment from the sharks and he was not able to defend himself and his product.

Naylor's time was up in the tank and he left empty handed.

Esso Watches

The Sullivan Generator

Mark Sullivan shows off a diagram of his Sullivan Generator.
Mark Sullivan shows off a diagram of his Sullivan Generator.

The Sullivan Generator

This invention seems to be bordering more into science fiction than science fact.

Mark Sullivan, the inventor of the generator promises the shark billions in profit - $96 billion in fact. While promising a profit that is larger than the Gross Domestic Product of some countries is a red flag on its own. But, the concept of the generator is a bit too futuristic for its own good. Generating electricity out of hurricanes seems to be out of our league for now.

The concept is so out of this world that Kevin O' Leary even jokingly asks how long will Mark be “visiting earth.” This implies jokingly that Mark is an alien sharing advanced technology to us less advanced Earthlings.

Mark the shows some concept art for the generator and has a little demo prepared for the sharks. He promises that the 100 foot tall Sullivan generator could produce electricity, drinking water and gold.

The sharks were not impressed by the crudely drawn concept art or at the very idea of the generator itself. It would have helped if Mark would have been able to invent even a working prototype that was actually able to produce the electricity, drinking water and gold that he promised.

In short, the generator failed to generate any interest among the sharks.

The Sullivan Generator

Wake 'N' Bacon

Wake 'N' Bacon gives a new meaning to the term "breakfast in bed."
Wake 'N' Bacon gives a new meaning to the term "breakfast in bed."

Wake 'N' Bacon

Who wouldn't want to wake up to the sweet and savory taste of good old fashioned American bacon? Bacon with eggs is America's favorite breakfast and it doesn't seem that it will be changing anytime soon.

The popular breakfast meat was extremely popular back in 2011 and Matty Sallin was looking to cash in on this opportunity. He offered the sharks a chance to cash in too - $40,000 for a 20% stake at Wake 'N' Bacon.

Wake 'N' Bacon is basically a wooden alarm clock that broils bacon when you are supposed to wake up. While at first glance the idea may seem clever, the sharks saw the clock as a mere novelty item and even as a potential fire hazard.

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Matty was simply not prepared for the questions the sharks would throw at him and did not his facts and figures with him and this is a big no-no for the sharks. If you cannot answer the questions the sharks have for you, they will eat you alive.

No matter how good or cool your concept is, if it is not profitable, the sharks won't bite. The sharks after all are in shark tank to do business not to do charity work.

Kevin O' Leary even quoted "I'm going to put that in my Museum of Really Bad Ideas That Kill People."

Wake 'N' Bacon

Cougar Energy

Ryan Custer brought along his 35 year old model to help him in his sales pitch.
Ryan Custer brought along his 35 year old model to help him in his sales pitch.

Cougar Energy

Ryan Custer was dating a woman 11 years his senior and was inspired to develop Cougar Energy .He spent three years and thousands of dollars to develop the concept which became Cougar Limited. His purpose of creating the said drink is so that cougars could keep up with their younger male counterparts.

The product is made from exotic berry extracts (such as pomegranate, raspberry and noni) and is fortified with B vitamins, green tea and caffeine. It claims to provide cougars energy, reduce their stress levels, help maintain hormone levels and increase their natural libido.

There are many players in the crowded energy drink market. The big players are Red Bull, Monster and 5 Hour Energy. What made them big is that they appeal to a much broader audience. Men and women could take them and they are okay for most age groups.

This is in stark contrast to Cougar Energy which are more for females 30-55.Having a female only demographic effectively halves your market and having a specific age group further diminishes it. This leaves Cougar with a very small niche market in an already saturated energy drink market.

As with most presentations, the sharks got a sample of the drink and they did not like the taste.Barbara Corcoran commented that it tasted like chalk. Barbara was a potential customer and was the target market of the product and she did not like the taste. Ryan admitted that he had to sacrifice the state aspect of the product in exchange for its potency.

Kevin brought up the product having such a limited market and that the market may not actually need such a gender specific product. He then proceeded to say that he will just get crushed by the bigger brands.

The product sold only $60,000 in 3 years and has very limited distribution. This does not impress the rest of the sharks and they decide to bow out too.

While the "cougar" model Ryan brought with him had above average looks, his product was in no way above average.

Cougar Energy


Throx claims to be the cure for the missing sock.
Throx claims to be the cure for the missing sock.


People have the age old problem of lost socks. After all you cannot just go around wearing one sock on one foot and nothing on the other. It would simply look too strange.

Edwin Heaven, an entrepreneur from San Francisco then thought of making a three pack for socks which he called "Throx" which is short for "three socks." While in some way there is some logic to the idea, similar to the logic of having a spare tire, the sharks saw no value in the idea. They were not impressed.

The socks were not made of any special material nor had any unique designs. They were just socks in a three pack instead of the usual pair. A novel idea but not something that cannot be easily copied.

"Mr Wonderful" Kevin O' Leary even made a point when asked if Throx was patented. Edwin admitted that a person cannot patent a package of three socks. Kevin then makes a point that Heaven is just a "vampire cockroach" who would be stomped by the bigger sock companies once three-sock pairs start selling.

While Edwin was trying to sell the sharks on how innovative Throx was, the sharks saw nothing special. It was just a pair of socks with one spare sock to them and nothing more.

Despite trying to be funny and entertaining, nobody was buying Edwin Heaven's act and Throx got the boot from the sharks.


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