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5 Stars: Red Hair Babies Edition (female)

Updated on June 5, 2014

Red Haired Babies

Now i didnt pick any of these idols myself i just used the info i found based on popular opinion and i just put together the most talked about young female idols with red hair on the internet and picked the idols that showed up most when entered into google image search.

(P.s. the red hair will be variations of red...because there are some many shades of red)

(P.p.s because there were so many red headed idols I just broke them up into different groups)

So without further ado please welcome our beloved red headed young ladies ♥

5Dolls Member

Style: Hyewon's hair style is very cute and age appropriate. The braids with the pink ribbons are a very cute touch which a really like. The no bangs and showing of the forehead works for her and gives her a clean styled look. However for me the ribbon is not very well placed in the hair and kind of gives her a bird nest looking effect. So for the style Hyewon gets a 3.5/5

Color: The color is a great red at the top and a very nice color at that, but the problem lies toward the bottom of her hair. Her hair toward the bottom fades to a bark brown. The brown takes away from the overall effect of the red. So for the color Hyewon gets a 2/5

Overall: The style and color work together very well, but separately I do not think they would work as well.The color alone is quite awkward, because it goes form being bright red to a very dark chocolate brown. Though the braids intertwined with the ribbons would be a cute look for any young girl.So for the overall look Hyewon gets a 4/5

*so for Hyewon she gets a total look of a 9.5/15

earning her a PINK Star

Ann J
C-Real Member

Style: The style is very cute, modest, and playful. The simple ponytail and bangs are age appropriate. The bangs really open up her face showing off and putting all the focus on her eyes. Though the hair style is simple and seen in everyday life, Ann J pulls it off well and makes it look modern and fresh. So for the style Ann J gets a 4/5

Color: The color really fits in with her skin tone giving her a mature yet cute look. The red started as a deep rich red but then faded to a brownish color, which then started to wash her out. For me personally I would have liked the red to be more of a prominent red but the color suites her very nicely. So for the color Ann J gets a 3/5

Overall: The color and the style look great. Ann J pulls everything and looks cute while doing it. Again the look and style keeps her cute for her overall group concept but also gives her the look of a normal 16 year old girl. In the end this look would work on anyone and the color is great if you don't want a red that is in your face. So for the overall look Ann J gets a 4/5

*so for Ann J she gets a total look of a 11/15

earning her a GREEN Star

4Minute Member
Age: 20

Style: Hyuna's hair is cute and demure. The side ponytail is always a cute and quick way to style hair if ever in a hurry. The style is subtle and classic. However the bangs are a bit all over the place. Her bangs don't look styled at all. Though I don't like the bangs they do kind of work with the hair style. So for the style Hyuna gets a 3/5

Color: Hyuna's hair color is absolutely beautiful and modest. Again this color could work for anyone who doesn't want that in your face Rihanna Red. The color is still full of life and a nice rich red. Hyuna looks perfectly natural as a red head, but the color is a bit dark for her skin tone. So for the color Hyuna gets a 4/5

Overall: Everything looks great. Everything works together nicely. The color and style don't look forced and this is something I can see an everyday person pulling off. I like how the look does not looked styled by a professional, leaving Hyuna looking natural and Fresh. So for the overall look Hyuna gets a 5/5

*so for Hyuna she gets a total look of a 12/15

earning her a PURPLE Star

5Dolls Member

Style: The styling is very cute and typical for a 17 year old girl. The straight hair and the usual sweep bangs looks good on Eunkyo. This is a style that anyone could rock with just a straighter and a comb. However, for me the styling is a bit simple and the hat does not exactly let anyone fully see the hair, which I don't like. So for the style Eunkyo gets a 4/5

Color: This color is great! It is more red then the first three girls. Again the color is not too red, but it is just red enough to get the point across that her hair is red and not brown with hints of red. I like how from what we can she is hair is one solid color and is not a mash up of brown and red. So for the color Eunkyo gets a 5/5

Overall: The entire hair style is working perfectly for here again it is combed nicely and the color is just absolutely gorgeous. However do think that the red could be brighter to make her skin not looks so dark. The hat also doesn't really work for me but I can see that is was part of the group concept. So for the Overall look Eunkyo gets a 4/5

*so for Eunkyo she gets a total look of a 13/15

earning her a BLUE Star

Min Soa
ChoColat Member
Age: 23

Style: Now I really love the styling of Min Soa's hair. Like Hyuna's it looks so effortlessly done. The Fact that is done is great and the fringe bangs are just great. Also the fact that there is a slight loose curl to it is fabulous. It looks like something I would do to my hair, because it looks so cute but so flirty at the same time. I would defiantly give her hairstyle 5/5

Color: Now this is red. I think this color works perfectly. The color works perfectly with her complexion and doesn't wash her out at all. Now when some one says I have red hair, I like her red hair, or I want to dye my hair red this is the color I envision do I would definitely give her color 5/5

Overall: Everything just flows perfectly. From the style, to the color, even to the outfit. And since this red isn't one of those dull faded reds and it isn't one of those Rihanna reds I would say it is really perfect enough to be almost natural looking. So for overall look I would give this 5/5

*so for Min Soa she gets a total look of a 15/15

earning her a GOLD Star

Which young lady rocked the red hair best???

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