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3 Things That the Jurassic Park Trilogy did Better Than Jurassic World

Updated on November 7, 2015

Sometimes big dinos and a couple of somewhat tense scenes just don't quite reach the level of spectacle you'd been hoping for. With the previous film of the franchise, Jurassic Park III, having been released almost 14 years ago, it's safe to say that Jurassic World was being anticipated like no other film released this year (perhaps with the exception of Star Wars 7). Many consider JP3 to have been a failure, and slam it as the worst film of the lot.

Jurassic World was different to it's predecessors, and the people behind the film knew it was. This includes some elements of the script, characters and cinematography, which were simply not as well done as the films created decades previously.

Here are 3 things that the previous films did well, which Jurassic World... Didn't.

True Terror

One of the elements of the first 3 films, that had been originally done incredibly well by the actors and director alike, was the constant, believable terror which the tourists suffered. Most notably, the children.

Let's think back to the first film. Lex and Tim began as two confident, chatty children who seemed to unknowingly annoy the hell out of Alan Grant. By the end of the film, they'd gone through a horrifying ordeal, and it really showed.

When Tim was electrocuted by the fence, we see Lex break down uncontrolably with tears, she's completely red and there's no effort to make her look pretty or not as dramatic at all during that scene. In Jurassic World, the two kids almost never looked that scared. They uttered several screams and looked somewhat unhappy.

The actors portrayals of their terror in these situations really help the scenes become more tense and believable. We just didn't quite experience that same feeling of fright that we did whilst watching Jurassic World, than when we watched Jurassic Park.

Likable Characters

After the first half an hour of Jurassic World, I found myself lacking respect for any of the characters.

Claire was of course dislikable, in her snappy tone and her constant dismissing of anyone who spoke against her views and what the park was trying to achieve. The two kids were slightly annoying to watch, and the older brother's rudeness towards his sibling was unforgiving. I found myself wondering how his parents had persuaded him to go to Jurassic World in the first place. Chris Pratt's character was the only one who I found myself with minor respect for, however he never struck me as incredibly interesting.

In the first JP film, Alan Grant had knowledge regarding Dinosaurs that none of the other characters in the film truly had. This gave him substantial authority over the other characters psychologically, but he and Ian Malcom alike were unable to prevent the catastrophic events from occurring due to the people with distinctly less knowledge and experience in the field from meddling around with somewhat they didn't understand, despite their warnings about how dangerous the park could be. Therefore, it gave us far more sympathy for them and making us hoped they'd survive.


Jurassic World did have a couple of laugh-out-loud moments that got a few giggles from the audience. However these were nothing in comparison to the first two movies.

The upcoming Jurassic World sequel needs to feature a certain quick-witted, muttering mathematician who is perhaps our favorite character from the entire franchise. In many ways, Ian Malcom is to Alan Grant what Han Solo is to Luke Skywalker. Bring him back, Spielberg!


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