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5 Things You Should Stop Doing In Your Mid-Twenties

Updated on July 17, 2014

Let me just start off by saying that aging isn't a bad thing. Is it a terrifying concept? Yes. Will it cause anxiety if you regularly think about it? Yes. Will you realize that the dark clouds of seniority are upon you when you find your first white hair in the fitting room mirror while trying on a pair of jeans that you know are too small? Well, no, that just happened to me but aging, like everything else, comes with its ups and downs. At some brief and blissful moment you find yourself in your early twenties full of ambition, sarcasm and the stubborn attitude to get you through the worst of times but then you hit 25 and things get real. Like really real. Here are five things you should stop doing in your mid-twenties:

1. Getting drunk/wasted

I'm not saying you shouldn't go out and have fun, but are those kegs, 5 bottles of vodka, 3 bottles of tequila and trays of jello shots necessary? No one ever looks at that one dangerously drunk guy and says, "Wow, he really has his life together. Good for him. Let's be friends!" It's at this point in life where you should focus on surrounding yourself with people that will ultimately add to your life and help you become the great adult you always wanted to be. Unless you're that dangerously drunk guy. If you are, please always aim for the trash can and consider therapy.

2. Splurging

Okay, yes, I occasionally spend too much when I go to Sephora and there may be one or five things I'm currently ordering from Amazon but I usually spend wisely. Some people may joke about being cheap or thrifty, but I see it as a necessary quality when entering your "I NEED to get it together!" phase of life. I'm trying to save up enough money to comfortably move out without a roommate in tow, mostly because my boyfriend is being weird about things. I suspect he fears me taking over the TV and not letting him play FIFA. He's obsessed with FIFA and I'm obsessed with everything that isn't FIFA. At this stage of life, having a savings account is literally a life saver and trust me, you'll be so glad you cut back on Starbucks. It's like $127 for coffee in there, right?

3. Saying, "I'm so old!"

One of my coworkers just celebrated her 48th birthday and mentioned feeling old and I said, "Girrrrrrl, I know how you feel!" I'm 26. I don't know how she feels. Stop complaining about your age when you're still young! You have so much time to do the things you love, need and want. Take this time to analyze, organize, re-energize and go forth! Can I get an Amen?!

4. Ignoring advice

When I was 20 I hated when people gave me the "When You Grow Up" speech filled with advice and suggestions but now I will literally give you $5 to give me a hug and tell me everything is going to be okay. Your parents, elders and peers can teach you a thing or two about living life, getting what you want and deserve and reaching your goals. Take the advice and run with it! Unless it's the drunk guy from number one giving you advice because in that case, run the other way.

5. Stop making excuses for yourself

Being a hot mess is not okay. Now that we got that out of the way, remember to continue improving yourself and try new things. If something didn't work for you at 22, try again at 27 if it's something you're still passionate about. By now you have enough experience and confidence to see things through and know what works for you. Unless you became friends with that drunk guy. Then you make bad choices.

While it's always fun to reminisce about good times with that one friend who held you hair back that time you tossed your cookies in the stall of an overcrowded bar bathroom, it's also good to do some life-cleaning. Now that you're older what was slightly cute/funny/entertaining when you were 21 can be cringe-worthy in the second half of this crazy period that is your twenties. Life is a process and the important thing is that you learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don't panic, go with the flow, enjoy yourself, admit that Forever 21 no longer suits your every need and what the hell, have a drink or two.

Do you think anything should be added to the list? Do you have any advice for struggling 20-something's? Leave a comment and let's talk about it!


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    • Heidi L Idrovo profile image

      Heidi L Idrovo 3 years ago from New York

      Thank you so much! It's definitely never too early.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      What an awesome write. I'm two decades older than you but I loved it. Oh yeah, it's never too early to start saving for retirement. You'll be my age before you know it. Enjoy your youth.