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5 Tips to Start DJing

Updated on February 3, 2012

When starting out in DJing there were a few simply mistakes that I made. These 5 tips will give you a significant head start on others starting out at the same time. I run a DJ equipment hire leeds company so Im always giving advice to young DJs just starting out.

Tip One.
You will not be playing the main room at 2am anytime soon. Your going to be playing a friends party or opening early at a bar or club. Those banging anthems do work well on the dance floor at 2am in the main room but they don't work at 9pm in the second room. By all means buy the banging floor fillers and learn to mix them but you also need to start thinking about what tunes you can play to open a night with. Check out what other DJs are playing successfully and see if you like the tunes. Don't just play tunes because it works for other people, you still have to enjoy the style you are playing, just remember that banging anthems only work at certain times of the night.

Tip Two.
Practice, practice & practice. The key to being able to play a set well is practice. The more you practice, the less mistakes you will make. Its really simple but something some people seem to forget.

Tip Three.
Buy the right gear. Make sure your 100% sure that the equipment you are buying is right for you. Don't just buy 1210s because your friend has. Check out all the other options available to you. Once you have found something you feel suits your style then go with it. CDJ hire is a great option to try out something before you buy.

Tip Four.
Look after your ears. Buy some ear plugs & don't play the music too loud when your at home. If you love music now then chances are you will love it when your 60. Don't jeopardise your potential to enjoy music when your older by destroying your ear drums now.

Tip Five.
Once you have learn't to mix start recording mix tapes and listen back to them. You will be surprised how many mistakes you make as well as how many mixes work really well that perhaps you thought diddn't at the time.


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