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5 Underrated Creature Features

Updated on May 2, 2017


In the summer of 1957, the Giant Claw was released upon the world. The 1950’s brought a plethora of colossal creatures to the big screen, but the giant claw was one of the special ones. Directed by Fred Sears this sci-fi horror combo starts with a riveting UFO mystery that quickly turns into a massacre of gigantic proportions. Bullet proof and irritated, the Giant Claw lays waste to all that dare to invade its skies. This classic film is a must for any fan of oversized alien birds.


With the promise of new thrills, new shocks, and new terrors, this classic creature feature was released to theaters in 1957. The beginning of the end film features tacky special effects and acting that would make your drama teacher nauseous. The villains in this classic film are gigantic locusts that get their unusual size from ingesting irradiated wheat. These giant ravenous locusts swarm across the country devouring and demolishing all that stands in their path. Threatening our existence as the dominant species, our heroes must find a way to stop the locust onslaught before they take over the planet.


The kingdom of the spiders stars a young William Shatner as Dr. Richard “Rack” Hansen. William Shatner plays a veterinarian living in rural Arizona, who gets caught up in a literal web of terror. The angry arachnids in this story carry a venom that is 5 times more potent than that of normal spiders and they are slowly marching towards a small town. No one is safe from the oncoming horde of hairy fiends, they massacre all who cross their path. This gem of the creature feature world will keep you up late checking for any creepy crawlers.


Deep Rising is yet another underrated creature feature that involves overs-sized nightmare creatures. This thrill ride of a movie was released in 1998 staring B-rate movie star Treat Williams. The fun begins when a group of thieves decide to hijack a cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. But panic begins to set in when the hijackers can’t find the crew or passengers. Eventually hunted down one by one, the remaining passengers and pirates struggle to survive against an oversized prehistoric worm that digests its victims alive. With decent special effects and mediocre acting, this thrilling roller coaster ride of a movie can be counted as one of the most underrated creature features of all time.

#1. THEM!

If you have not seen this movie, watching it should be the first thing you do after reading this. Them was released in 1954 and according to IMDb it was one of Leonard Nimoy’s first movies, although he was not listed in the credits. Originally Them was to be shot in 3D and color, but due to unforeseen technical difficulties that plan was scraped and it was shot in black and white instead. Them followers a scientist and his daughter around New Mexico in search of giant killer ants. With the help of the local military, they manage to locate and destroy a nest of Them. Fearing annihilation these colossal ants fight for survival in a film that is a must watch for any creature feature fan.

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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 3 months ago

      Yes, this iI've seen all these movies and the MST3K version of the Beginning of the End. Great late night fun.