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5 new most beautiful actresses from kerala

Updated on January 19, 2012

One area where malayalam cinema lagging behind Tamil Telungu and other industries is Actresses. We always complain we don't have good actresses. But when these same actresses go to other states and do well, we again complain they are ignoring malayalam films!Here is a list of 5 new beautiful faces from kerala. Lets wait and see whether we can see them speaking malayalam or not.


1.Nithya Menon

Started career with an offbeat malayalam film Aakashagopuram with Mohanlal. Later some of her movies flopped but came back with good performance in Urumi and 180.Now she is one of the leading actress in Tamil and Telungu industry.


2.Rimi Kallingal

She is a well known model and actress. Started career through the film Ritu.In a short span of time, she got many hits in her bag including Neelathaamara,Happy Husbands,Indian Rupee....


3.Amala Paul

Started career with movie Neelathamara. Though the film was a success, she failed to attract more offers. In 2010, her role in Mynaa made her a leading actress in tamil Industry, bagging many awards.


4. Ananya

A beautiful actress from kerala, started career with the movie Positive. Got first success with the movie Nadodikal.Later with her performance in Engeyum Eppodum she is getting popular in Tamil movies.



A promising actress.Well known to Malayalam as Baby Sanusha through many good movies like Kaazhcha, meesha madhavan etc. Started acting at an age of 4 in the film Dadasahib. Waiting for Mr.Marumakan, where she is playing main role with Dileep.


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    • profile image

      ibrahim 4 years ago

      I know kerala is girls r most beautiful in all world


    • profile image

      kundan 5 years ago

      ananya and nithya mula fight

    • profile image

      madhu 5 years ago

      annanya sanusha nigal randuperudeyum kundi mula super

    • profile image

      rajesh 5 years ago

      sanush you are very super

    • profile image

      sonu 5 years ago

      i like it